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1/ House Democrats introduced a resolution to block and overturn Trump's unilateral national emergency declaration to get the border wall money that Congress denied him. "The President's act is lawless," Nancy Pelosi said. "It does violence to our Constitution and therefore to our democracy. His declaration strikes at the heart of our Founders' concept of America, which demands separation of powers." The House is scheduled to vote today around 5 p.m. or 5:30 p.m. ET. The resolution is expected to pass the House, which would then start an 18-day clock for the Senate to bring it to the floor for a vote where it's also expected to pass. Four Republican votes are needed to ensure passage if all Senate Democrats vote for the disapproval resolution, and three Republican senators — Sens. Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Thom Tillis — have already signaled they will support the measure. Congress has never tried to cancel a national emergency declared by a president and Trump has vowed to veto any measure that blocks funding for his border wall. (CNN / ABC News / Washington Post / Reuters / Politico / Los Angeles Times)

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Mark Harris, the Republican nominee in a North Carolina congressional race that was tainted by ballot fraud, announced Tuesday that he will not run in the new election for the seat.

A new election was called last week after Harris’ campaign was the subject of fraud allegations that tainted the midterm election. The state board of elections declined to certify the race between Harris and Democrat Dan McCready in 2018, instead voting last week to order a new election.

North Carolina’s bipartisan elections board unanimously ordered a new vote last week in the state’s 9th Congressional District after hearing evidence that an operative for Harris’ campaign had orchestrated a ballot fraud scheme.

Mr. Mueller is often portrayed as the omnipotent fact-gatherer, but it is Mr. Goldstein who has a much more involved, day-to-day role in one of the central lines of investigation.

Mr. Goldstein, the lone prosecutor in Mr. Mueller’s office who came directly from a corruption unit at the Justice Department, has conducted every major interview of the president’s advisers. He questioned Donald F. McGahn II, Mr. Trump’s former White House counsel, and Michael D. Cohen, Mr. Trump’s former fixer and lawyer, for dozens of hours. He signed Mr. Cohen’s plea agreement. He conducted grand jury questioning of associates of Roger J. Stone Jr., the former adviser to Mr. Trump who was indicted last month.


There have been whispers for a while that Democrats think former acting attorney general Matthew G. Whitaker may have perjured himself in his testimony before a House panel earlier this month.


The first thing to emphasize is that this is just an investigation, and there is no public evidence to prove that Whitaker perjured himself. It could just be a tactic to make Whitaker sweat. But Democrats seem to be moving toward pursuing the matter, so it’s worth looking at precisely what Whitaker said.


Both the Times and the Journal say there is no evidence that Whitaker took any action in response to Trump’s Berman-related musings. If that’s true, it would mean that the only way this was a lie is if Trump or the White House did, in fact, seek some “promise or commitment” about it. In other words, it’s not a lie if Trump merely asked about un-recusing Berman; he would have had to ask Whitaker to promise to make it happen.

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So I was at a hipster coffee house when I overheard that Jacob Wohl has been banned from Twitter. It’s true!


The House just approved resolution Terminating Border Emergency Declaration, 245-182.

Goes now to the Senate.


More here:

The House voted on Tuesday to overturn President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency on the Mexican border, with more than a dozen Republicans joining Democrats to try to block his effort to divert funding to a border wall without congressional approval.

The resolution of disapproval, which passed 245-182, must now be taken up by the Senate, where three Republicans have already declared their support, only one short of the number needed for Congress to ratify a stinging rebuke of Mr. Trump’s efforts.


Speaker Pelosi’s response :point_down:


It’s amazing that Gaetz is now doubling down – he’s totally unapologetic. His only maneuver is to try branding this mafioso tactic as “witness testing,” rather than “witness tampering.” Sure looks like the tampering one to me. I’ve never even heard of “witness testing” – is that a thing now?

For the text of Congressman Matthew Gaetz’s threatening tweet and MSNBC correspondent Garrett Haake’s reaction, see @dragonfly9’s earlier post. Now here’s the latest from Politico:

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, a staunch ally of President Donald Trump, threatened Michael Cohen on Tuesday with the release of damaging personal information, the latest in a string of increasingly aggressive attacks on Trump’s former lawyer as he testifies before Congress this week.

“Hey @MichaelCohen212 - Do your wife & father-in-law know about your girlfriends? Maybe tonight would be a good time for that chat. I wonder if she’ll remain faithful when you’re in prison. She’s about to learn a lot…,” Gaetz, a sitting Florida congressman, wrote on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon.

Gaetz’s tweet came one day before Cohen is scheduled to testify publicly before the House Oversight Committee…

Gaetz shot back when reporters asked about the tweet: "This isn’t witness tampering, it’s witness testing."

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Since it was found that Niki Haley was asking commercial airlines for free flights, I think she should have to pay them back. What do you think?

I’m not sure what, exactly, you’re replying to. Would you like to include a link so others can get the necessary context?

I was trying to open I new topic or I’m not really sure. This is what I was trying to say. Trump overseas: I’ve been saying to my husband for a week now, I wonder if while Trump is overseas he defects with what is going down tomorrow. How many wanna bet with me.

I’m very new to this and don’t know if I’m doing this posting right. Lol

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Hi and welcome. You did create a new topic, but it was unclear what you were discussing, so I merged into the daily thread (try including a link + some context + personal comment next time).

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There is no link to use. The idea popped up in my head the other day about Trump being overseas when Cohen is in front of intelligence committee and Mueller releasing his report this week. He might just defect

Let’s stick to facts and things that happened.

Cohen’s opening statement
Must read!


@Pet_Proletariat - Thanks for the link to Cohen’s bombshell opening statement.

This is huge – even bigger than I had imagined. Still taking it in. Here’s a summary from CNN.

Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen is prepared to testify that Trump was aware of longtime adviser Roger Stone’s efforts to reach out to WikiLeaks in advance of its release of damaging information about Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, according to a copy of his public testimony submitted to Congress and obtained by CNN.

In a stunning 20-page statement provided Tuesday night to lawmakers, Cohen details a wide range of allegations against Trump – from making racist comments about African-Americans to participating during his presidency in an illegal hush-money scheme to keep his alleged extramarital affairs quiet – as well as suggesting Trump faked a medical condition to get out of serving in the Vietnam War…

The rest is equally mind-blowing. A riveting read! :exploding_head:


Wow! Just wow!

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