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1/ The White House directed Hope Hicks not to cooperate with a House Judiciary Committee subpoena for documents related to her White House service. The White House also instructed Annie Donaldson, the former deputy White House counsel, not to turn over the documents. Rep. Jerrold Nadler said the documents are no longer covered by executive privilege "if they ever were" and that the White House's move was "part of President Trump's continued obstruction of Congress." Hicks, however, said she will hand over documents related to Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. (CNN / Washington Post / CNBC / NBC News)

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Ex-Trump aide Hicks agrees to give campaign documents to Congress

This is the only article I can find on this yet; the only other corroboration is Scott Dworkin at the moment. It seems to originate from Reuters, though.

Update: WSJ has something on it now

And this account has screen captures of the letter to get around the WSJ paywall


So basically, she’s playing games and stalling. Figures.

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I’m so confused, why aren’t you guys excited?

I want to be clear.

Nadler just totally scored. Putin literally called Hope Hicks to congratulate Trump on election night. She told him to email and then she forwarded the email to Kushner who later set up an actual call with Putin after he verified that it was real. Flynn was sitting right there when the call happened. It’s in the Mueller Report.

Nadler just got those email chains from Hicks.


Here comes the DOJ’s investigation via one of Barr’s appointees to Investigate the Investigator…and Christopher Steele has been summoned to sit and testify about his findings. It is one of those highly charged sit-downs which will surely get spun in the ways the T Administration wants it. (Will link also to the other Steele Dossier entry as well The Steele Dossier Considered Post-Mueller )

The Justice Department’s internal watchdog is investigating aspects of the Mueller probe, including whether officials abused their power when they ordered surveillance of a former campaign aide partially based on information from Steele’s dossier.

The source told The Times that while Steele was initially reluctant to be questioned as part of the Justice Department’s inquiry, he reconsidered after reports said the investigation could ultimately criticize him and throw his credibility into question.

From The Times of London (paywall - small excerpt)

The former MI6 agent behind the Trump dossier has agreed to be questioned by US officials over his relationship with the FBI.

Christopher Steele, 54, has agreed to meet investigators in London within weeks, according to a source close to him. Mr Trump has tweeted more than 50 times about Mr Steele, calling him a “failed spy” and accusing him of spreading fake news.

Last year Mr Steele, who runs a corporate intelligence company, was named as the author of memos containing unsubstantiated allegations that the Kremlin held sexually lurid information about Mr Trump.

Mr Steele’s dossier led to an FBI inquiry, which became a two-year investigation presided over by the special counsel Robert Mueller. That found that figures in the Trump campaign team expected…

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Senate planning bipartisan effort to block Trump’s emergency arms deals benefiting Saudi Arabia

Trump-Appointed District Court Judge Tosses Wall Funding Lawsuit

Trevor McFadden has served his master well, ruling that the House of Representatives has no standing to sue the Executive branch in an opinion fraught with bizarre contradictions

Kind of sensationalistic in the reporting of this, but it does show how Trump really feels about military service.

Trump’s ‘draconian’ prenup with Marla Maples revealed: No support for Tiffany if she joined military or Peace Corps

Donald Trump’s Draconian Art of the Marriage Deal

Child support would cease if Tiffany joined the Army or the Peace Corps.
Trump called himself a billionaire, but likely wasn’t; Marla Maples only got $1 million.

Unearthed Document Reveals Trump’s Contempt For The Military

Trump threatened to cut child support for his daughter Tiffany if she ever joined the military or the Peace Corps, proof of how the president really feels about the troops.

Manufacturing index slumps to lowest level of Trump’s presidency


The long and the short of this one: Trump went to Virginia Beach, while apparently fresh from the golf course and still unshowered and in its golf clothes. The White House claimed it was to pray WITH the people there, given the recent shooting tragedy, but in reality he showed up unannounced at an evangelical church and made the pastor there pray FOR him. The pastor’s congregation is understandably angry and they’re trying to downplay it.

Trump’s visit to a Virginia church after mass shooting left some congregants ‘hurt.’ The pastor says he didn’t mean to ‘endorse’ the President

George Conway Calls Out White House For Lying About Trump’s Church Visit

Once again, George Conway calls out his wife’s boss for his hamhanded narcissism.

Virginia pastor explains sudden decision to pray for Trump, after some ‘hurt’ by it

Trump’s visit to a Virginia church after mass shooting left some congregants ‘hurt.’ The pastor says he didn’t mean to ‘endorse’ the President

Pastor Casts Doubt On White House Claim That Trump Wanted To Pray For Shooting Victims

The Virginia pastor wrote that the White House called just before the president’s arrival and asked him to pray for Trump as part of “Pray for President Trump Day.”


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Kyle Cheney from Politico, with a Twitter thread about the documents Hicks is turning over to Nadler.

And Maggie Haberman, NYT

Check the date and times. This is might be about that call from Putin to Hicks on Election night. :hugs:

From the Mueller Report,


Maybe, we’ll have to wait and see. Depends on the quality of the information and what the Nadler is after.

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I don’t have much faith in her word, considering she’s the one who told Trump Sr. that Trump Jr.'s emails about the Trump Tower meeting would “never get out.” CNN, Feb. 1, 2018