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1/ The EPA rolled back Obama's Clean Power Plan, allowing states to set their own carbon emissions standards for coal-fired power plants and limits the agency's authority to set national restrictions on carbon emissions in the future. Andrew Wheeler, the EPA administrator, insisted that the new plan will reduce carbon emissions in the power sector 34% below 2005 levels – roughly equal to the goals of the Clean Power Plan. Experts, however, say the U.S. electricity sector needs to cut its emissions 74% over 2005 levels by 2030 to keep global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels. As of last year, the U.S. power sector had cut its greenhouse gas emissions 27% compared with 2005. The EPA also said the new rules could result in 1,400 more premature deaths by 2030 than the Obama-era plan. (New York Times / Washington Post / Wall Street Journal / CNN / Axios)

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If only we had an agreement to deescalate tensions in exchange for some sanction relief…

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard shot down a U.S. surveillance drone Thursday in the Strait of Hormuz, marking the first time the Islamic Republic directly attacked the American military amid tensions over Tehran’s unraveling nuclear deal with world powers.

The two countries disputed the circumstances leading up to an Iranian surface-to-air missile bringing down the U.S. Navy RQ-4A Global Hawk, an unmanned aircraft with a wingspan larger than a Boeing 737 jetliner and costing over $100 million.

Iran said the drone “violated” its territorial airspace, while the U.S. called the missile fire “an unprovoked attack” in international airspace over the narrow mouth of the Persian Gulf and President Donald Trump tweeted that “Iran made a very big mistake!”


Well, at least he listens to Putin. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Thanks for always posting interesting articles, it’s good reading. :clap:


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And now Trump is saying he’ll give Iran the “benefit of the doubt”…

Putin warns war between US and Iran would be ‘catastrophe’

Trump Super PAC Illegally Hid Donor’s Identity, Watchdog Says

Records released this week indicate the contribution came from an entirely different company, which may have knowingly violated federal campaign-finance laws.

US joins four rogue countries seen as likely forces for bad, poll finds

Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iran and the US are also seen as less likely to use their influence for good than they were 10 years ago

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I work at home on-line and keep a watch on multiple sources and places, so it introduces me to a lot to share.

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Me too!