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1/ The Trump administration is scheduled to begin coordinated raids to arrest at least 2,000 immigrants who have been ordered deported. The raids – scheduled to begin on Sunday after initially being postponed in part to resistance at Immigration and Customs Enforcement – will be conducted by ICE agents over multiple days and will include "collateral" deportations, where ICE agents might detain any immigrants who happen to be present when the raid occurs. Agents have expressed unease about arresting babies and young children. Agents have also noted that the raids could have limited success because word has already spread among immigrant communities about how to avoid arrest. (New York Times / Wall Street Journal / CNN / Associated Press)

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Twitter was down for me most of the day. I took as a sign and went to the beach with my dog. It was an extremely pleasant afternoon. How about you guys?

Twitter appeared to be down for a large number of users across the United States on Thursday. The company confirmed the issue to The Verge , saying, “We are currently investigating issues people are having accessing Twitter. We’ll keep you updated on what’s happening here.” The outage, which began around 2:40PM ET, took place as conservative activists gathered at the White House to complain about their treatment by social media companies.


So is Trump now going to also refuse to work with diplomats from Germany, France, and the nations of the European Union (28 countries)?

After Britain’s ambassador to the US resigned Wednesday following personal attacks by President Donald Trump, one of the most powerful expressions of support for the UK envoy was only 23 words long – but it spoke volumes, diplomats and foreign envoys said.

A photo tweeted Thursday morning of ambassadors from Germany, France and the European Union with outgoing UK Ambassador Kim Darroch literally showed the other envoys standing shoulder to shoulder with their British counterpart. “Honored to host my colleagues and friends,” German Ambassador Emily Haber wrote in her post.

Diplomats from around the world told CNN the image didn’t just symbolize solidarity, it also reflected the fact that most embassies have written cables very similar to the private messages – leaked in an act of political sabotage – that Darroch had sent to London describing the President and his administration as inept, insecure and incompetent.

Moreover, they said, Darroch was only echoing assessments they hear from both sides of the aisle in Congress and staff inside the White House – views reflected on TV and in newspapers almost every day.

“The important thing to say is that Ambassador Darroch was not reporting his personal views, he was reporting what people were saying in Washington,” said a European official familiar with Washington. “He was reporting things that were being said fairly openly by many Americans in Washington, including on both sides of the political divide.”

Darroch’s confidential observations – of a chaotic and divided White House, of a President who fills his speeches with “false claims and invented statistics,” of a “diplomatically clumsy” administration that doesn’t particularly honor traditional alliances – weren’t just his alone.

Diplomats in Washington stressed that the British envoy was just doing his job. One observed that "the President’s reaction to the leak just shows you how well observed Darroch’s cables were."


Trump Says He Will Seek Citizenship Information From Existing Federal Records, Not the Census


WtF…some delays on Mueller’s testimony.


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i left work early and went for a bike ride :joy_cat: it was glorious. I really want to see pics of this awesome puppy!!:hugs:
(only if you’re comfortable, otherwise a written description is perfectly fabulous too! love the idea of walking on the beach with a lil pupper!!)


Great irony in this twitter being out during that time…

I was driving in LA heat and traffic over the hill and missed it…but I did hear about the WH conservative social media event.

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He’s a 7th month old rescue pup and a super fun guy