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Day 911

1/ The Trump administration is considering admitting zero refugees next year. The idea was floated during a recent meeting with officials from the Department of Homeland Security, State Department, and the Pentagon. Homeland Security Department officials at the meeting suggested making the level anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000. The Trump administration cut refugee admissions from 110,000 in fiscal year 2017 to 30,000 in 2018. (Politico / CNN)

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I believe it. This week sucked more than most. I think we need to talk about self-care more. What’s your go to modes for self care?

My favorite forms of stress management are, gardening, running with the dog, and cooking. Sometimes hiking, softball, and surfing, weather permitting. I have been known to rage clean, when extremely stressed. Cleared my basement and my potting shed this week, felt great.


I need to find some new ones. I would have to take a daily marathon walk to decrease the stress & that would overtax my knees & hips. I like your rage cleaning.


@022888 Thank you for those kind words.
250 years ago Capt James Cook anchored his Ship Endeavour off Waiomu Bay on the western side of the Coromandel Peninsular over Christmas in a stretch of water he named the Firth of Thames, after the Firth of Thames in England. The local Maori called this area Te Hauraki. The hillsides still have a number of Pohutakawa trees surviving to this day, that would have been flowering when Cook first visited. Banks his botanist describes the scene in his account of the journey as the land being completely covered in red. Here is a picture of what it may have been like.
As you see there are still patches where humans have not been able to carry out their destruction. A group of us have been active in trying to recreate some of the vegetation that has been removed to make way for cows over the past century and a half, but it is slow progress.


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Absolutely stunning photos


lol!! :raised_hands:t3: I know you’ve mentioned this before Pet but it cracks me up every time :joy_cat: (laughing so I don’t cry anyway lol.)

I’ve started riding my bike again, even got a new trail-worthy one so I can now go off road and “lose” myself in the woods and mountains. I’ve also given myself permission to say No to putting up with the company of emotional vampires, even when that means my own family. Ain’t nobody got enuf spoons for that shit. (Kinda a “duh” thing, but for too long I thought I “had” to bc it was the nice thing to do.)

And i let my rage flow, still exploring how to not let it burn me and use it for fuel instead, but for now just unleashing it and not caging that part of myself bc it’s supposedly unacceptable is a real powerful relief.

Trying a new mushroom supplement powder thing to my morning coffee to help boost my brain bc I feel like it’s too foggy up there. I might also get in bed while it’s still light out just bc it’s cozy and I fuckin feel like it :joy_cat:

Thx for that pic of your new puppy btw, A-FUCKIN-DORBS :heart_eyes:


Yes…thanks for the reminder of need for diverting emotional downers every-single-day and getting some fresh air, and no news feed.

I purposely stay away from the toxic ones…good move always. It benefits no one and getting into any snit-fit with family or others is not the way.

Gardening…determined to get some great tomatoes even if it means getting more young plants and redoing the first round, who got a propitious start but now look rather weedy.

Went to ocean today and stared at the great blue wonder…that’s super healthy.

Sticking with friends who are like minded…that’s the ticket. Reading whatever feels mindless…that’s an escape.

Rehabbing my knee still, icing daily…and awaiting MRI. It is getting better, but can not wait to do some biking as well.

Thanks for the puppy pix @Pet_Proletariat - totally adorable. I admire someone who likes to tear through a cleaning project with a lot of purpose.

Like this quote:

My heart is moved by all I cannot save: so much has been destroyed. I have to cast my lot with those who age after age, perversely, with no extraordinary power, reconstitute the world. – Adrienne Rich

We are always filtering expectations…and hoping for the best, even with this horror show upon us.

Now exhale…


Mine is somewhat different - it’s dancing.

“To live is to dance, and to dance is to live!”

Not any old dancing though, its Scottish Country Dancing. And being of a mathematical bent - I used to teach Math to tertiary level - I enjoy devising dances as well.

And a recent study has shown that at least two hours a week with Nature is beneficial for all.

This is the view from the window of the lounge of our “bach”. The tree in flower is a Pohutakawa. Taken last Christmas - our summer time. So a trip up to the bach is a great form of stress relief as well.
Oh! I nearly forgot! and stroking a Kitten…


:raised_hands: Same. Don’t let them get a rise out of you. That’s what they want! Funny you mention bike riding, I just found mine in rough shape when I cleaned out my shed, I might just take it in to get serviced and join you from afar. :wink:

Here’s another puppy pic because cuteness