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1/ The House Judiciary Committee sued to force former White House counsel Donald McGahn to testify before Congress. The Judiciary Committee claimed that McGahn is "the most important witness, other than the president," in their investigation into possible obstruction of justice by Trump. They asked a federal judge to strike down the Trump administration's claim that McGahn and other aides are "absolutely immune" from the committee's subpoenas. McGahn spent more than 30 hours with Robert Mueller's investigators and his name appears more than 500 times in the redacted version of Mueller's report. (New York Times / NBC News / ABC News)

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White House rebuffed attempts by DHS to make combating domestic terrorism a higher priority


Trump’s people bragged about him being treated “like a rock star” in Dayton. Yet the press was denied access and we saw little of the victims. And then there’s this: police in riot gear securing the perimeter of the hospital during his visit. Says everything.


This goes with that video.


Sounds like Trump’s trade war is triggering a revolt among farmers who previously supported him. Listen to what some some big names in agriculture had to say today (see bolded text below). And they weren’t just randomly tweeting this stuff, they were calling out Trump’s Secretary of Agriculture to his face in front of a gathering of influential farmers.


Farm Discontent Spills Over as Ag Secretary Is Confronted in Minnesota

By Mike Dorning and Erik Wasson

August 7, 2019, 11:26 AM PDT

  • Agriculture secretary hears criticism of Trump’s trade war

  • Farmers say they fear long-term damage that aid won’t repair

Farmers’ discontent over President Donald Trump’s escalating trade war with China erupted into the open Wednesday as his agriculture secretary was confronted at a fair in rural Minnesota.

Gary Wertish, president of the Minnesota Farmers Union, drew applause as he leveled criticism of the administration’s trade policy at a forum with Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue in front of thousands of farmers gathered in a metal barn for a panel discussion.

American farmers took a fresh financial hit from Trump’s trade war over the weekend as China announced a halt to all U.S. agricultural imports after the president threatened Beijing with another tariff increase.

Wertish criticized Trump’s “go-it-alone approach” and the trade dispute’s “devastating damage not only to rural communities.” He expressed fears Trump’s $28 billion in trade aid will undermine public support for federal farm subsidies, saying the assistance is already being pilloried “as a welfare program, as bailouts.”

Others joined in. Brian Thalmann, president of the Minnesota Corn Growers Association, complained about Trump statements that farmers are doing “great again.“ "We are not starting to do great again,” he said. “We are starting to go down very quickly.”

Joel Schreurs of the American Soybean Association warned American producers are in danger of long-term losses in market share in China, the world’s largest importer of soybeans.

Perdue sought to soothe the crowd as he defended the president’s policies. “Obviously this is a popular opinion. A lot of applause,” he joked after the audience reacted to Democratic Representative Angie Craig saying aid is not a substitute for a strategy on trade. "There is a lot of stress out there.”


The trade war has hit farmers already beset by years of low commodity prices due to global overproduction and this year a string of bad weather. U.S. farm income dropped 16% last year to $63 billion, about half the level it was as recently as 2013.

U.S. Agricultural exports to China dropped by more than half in 2018 after the trade war began, falling from $19.5 billion in 2017 to $9.2 billion in 2018.

Major farm groups sounded an alarm earlier this week after China announced it was halting U.S. agriculture imports.

Zippy Duvall, president of the the American Farm Bureau Federation, the nation’s largest and most influential general farm organization, on Monday called the import cut-off “a body blow to thousands of farmers and ranchers who are already struggling to get by.”

Roger Johnson, president of the National Farmers Union, the nation’s second-largest general farm group, said Trump’s “strategy of constant escalation and antagonism” has “just made things worse.”

Trump’s overwhelming support in rural America was crucial to his narrow 2016 election victory and maintaining farmer’s backing is critical to his re-election bid.


In Forrest, Mississippi where one of the #ICE raids happened nearby Children of those who were arrested are left alone in the streets crying for help. Strangers and neighbors are taking them to a local gym to be put up for the night.

Children as young as toddlers relied on neighbors & strangers to pick them up outside their homes after school & drive them to a community fitness center where people tried to keep them calm.

Under the cover of Trump’s visit to Ohio to turn a tragedy into a campaign ad, ICE conducted a massive raid, arresting 680 people.

Where are Mom and Dad? School on standby to help children in aftermath of ICE raids

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OMG! That is just sick!
Sorry to Godwin this - but the excuse of Nazi concentration camp guards was that they were just doing their job and following the law. Sometimes ones conscience must take precedence over following orders.
Those children will be traumatised for no good reason, and there is no excuse for that.


I am going to go with “good” on this one:

Republican groups vow to stop buying Twitter ads until McConnell campaign account is unfrozen

Horrifying on this one:

5-year-old girl who lost her parents in El Paso massacre asks if she’ll be shot next



Such a strange story. As I understand, McConnell’s Campaign tweeted a video showing protesters yelling and threatening Mitch McConnell. The video is banned because of the threats in the video violates twitter’s policies. So in response the campaign pulls all their ads? Doesn’t make sense. The content of the video sounds like it contained a policy violation regardless of political ideology, you can’t post videos of violent threats on Twitter. Full stop.

Why didn’t the campaign send this video to law enforcement?

Sounds like the McConnell campaign is all mad at about a perceived bias when in fact they’re intentionally posting content that breaks the rules.


Wait, so the pictures with political rivals on tombstones and his youth brigade assaulting a cutout of AOC didn’t faze Twitter, but THIS did?


VA wrongfully denied $53 million in veterans’ emergency care claims

A thread pointed out to me by a friend and resister on twitter with ways to help with the Mississippi ICE raids:


:frowning: I fear that, that could well be correct. Not an unknown response from unscrupulous and greedy corporate owners. We have a similar group here in NZ: The Talleys

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It gets worse.

This could be some form of retaliation against their own workers:

ICE Raids Targeted Company Whose Workers Won Discrimination Lawsuit

ICE Raids Targeted Company Whose Workers Won Discrimination Lawsuit | Democracy Now! via @democracynow

EDIT: So, no relation to the Koch Brothers; despite being founded by A Fred Koch, it’s not THE Fred Koch.: