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Day 953

1/ Georgia Senate Republicans are considering ways to punish District Attorney Fani Willis for indicting Trump and 18 other defendants, saying “we believe she is definitely tainted.” State Senate Majority Leader Steve Gooch threatened hold legislative hearings to investigate Willis, accusing her of “politicizing” her 51-count indictment accusing Trump and 18 co-defendants of a “criminal enterprise” to reverse the 2020 election results. Gooch also suggested that Republicans could take advantage of a new law, Senate Bill 92, which allows a state panel to investigate and remove prosecutors. He called it a powerful “tool in the toolbox.” Meanwhile, Georgia state Senator Colton Moore suggested that a civil war could break out over Trump’s prosecution, saying “we’ve got 19 people who are facing the rest of their life in prison because they spoke out against an election.” In a separate interview, Moore called Willis a “domestic threat.” (Atlanta Journal-Constitution / HuffPost / Associated Press)

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