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Day 979

1/ Trump vowed to investigate NBC News and MSNBC for “country threatening treason” and make them “pay a big price” if he gets reelected. On his personal social media platform, Trump claimed that Comcast, the parent company of NBC News and MSNBC, is not “entitled to use the very valuable Airwaves of the USA” for free because of their “knowingly dishonest and corrupt coverage of people, things, and events.” Despite being the featured interview guest on NBC’s “Meet the Press” last week, Trump repeated his baseless claim that the media is “THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!” that “should pay a big price for what they have done to our once great Country!” The White House called Trump’s threats “an outrageous attack on our democracy and the rule of law.” (The Guardian / The Hill / Forbes / Talking Points Memo / Mediate)

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