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1/ The whistleblower complaint accused Trump of "abus[ing] his office for personal gain" by "[soliciting] interference" from Ukraine in the 2020 election and that the White House took steps to cover it up. Multiple White House officials were reportedly "deeply disturbed" by Trump's July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and tried to "lock down" all records of the phone call. The complaint notes that White House lawyers were "already in discussion" about "how to treat the call because of the likelihood, in the officials' retelling, that they had witnessed the president abuse his office for personal gain." White House lawyers "directed" officials to "remove the electronic transcript from the computer system in which such transcripts are typically stored" for Cabinet-level officials and instead put them on a computer system "used to store and handle classified information of an especially sensitive nature" that is managed by the National Security Council Directorate for Intelligence Programs. According to White House officials who informed the whistleblower, this was "not the first time" a transcript was put on the computer system reserved for code-word-level intelligence information due to concerns about politics, rather than national security. The whistleblower also describes Rudy Giuliani as a "central figure in this effort," which includes attempts at "pressuring a foreign country to investigate the President's main domestic political rivals." The complaint adds: "Attorney General William Barr appears to be involved as well." (New York Times / Washington Post / CNN / Politico / NBC News / Bloomberg / Associated Press)

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We now know that William Barr knew about his complaint almost from the start, after an earlier effort to go to the CIA’s top lawyer.

White House Knew of Whistle-Blower’s Allegations Soon After Trump’s Call With Ukraine Leader

The whistle-blower, a C.I.A. officer detailed to the White House at one point, first expressed his concerns anonymously to the agency’s top lawyer.

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And now we have a followup from the Washington Post about the Trump regime’s regular use of that top secret server to hide calls!

Effort to shield Trump’s call with Ukrainian leader was part of broader secrecy effort


300 former officials sign statement supporting impeachment inquiry

More than 300 former U.S. national security and foreign policy officials have signed a statement warning that President Trump’s actions regarding Ukraine are a “profound national security concern” and supporting an impeachment inquiry by Congress to determine “the facts.”

“To be clear, we do not wish to prejudge the totality of the facts or Congress’ deliberative process,” said the statement, released Friday. “At the same time, there is no escaping that what we already know is serious enough to merit impeachment proceedings.

[Read the full statement from former officials]

Many of the signers are former Obama officials. But the list includes others who served as career officials in both Democratic and Republican administrations, including Matthew Olsen, head of the Justice Department’s national security division under President George W. Bush and director of the National Counterterrorism Center under President Barack Obama.

Career diplomats also include William Burns, former assistant secretary of state for Near East affairs, undersecretary for policy and ambassador to Russia under Bush, and deputy secretary under Obama; Nancy McEldowney, former Bush ambassador to Bulgaria and deputy chief of mission to Turkey; and Jeffrey Feltman, who served in senior State Department positions beginning in the George H.W. Bush administration and for nearly six years as undersecretary general at the United Nations until his 2018 retirement.

Former officials from the intelligence community, the Defense Department, the National Security Council and the Department of Homeland Security also signed the statement.

“As national security professionals, many of us have long been concerned with President Trump’s actions and their implications for our safety and security,” the statement said. “Some of us have spoken out, but many of us have eschewed politics throughout our careers and, as a result, have not weighed in publicly.

“The revelations of recent days, however, demand a response,” it said. “. . . President Trump appears to have leveraged the authority and resources of the highest office in the land to invite additional foreign interference into our democratic processes.”

The statement continued: “If we fail to speak up — and act — now our foreign policy and national security will officially be on offer to those who can most effectively fulfill the President’s personal prerogatives.”


Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Friday accused Attorney General William Barr of going “rogue” in his efforts to protect President Trump from the fallout over a whistleblower complaint related to Trump’s conversations with the president of Ukraine.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Pelosi argued that Barr was part of a White House “cover-up” of Trump’s call to Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky, during which Trump asked Zelensky about the possibility of launching an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden.

“He’s gone rogue,” Pelosi said. "I think where they’re going is a cover-up of a cover-up."

“I think it’s sad, to have a Justice Department go so rogue,” she continued. “Well, they have been for a while. And now it just makes matters worse.”

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Oh look, the NRA was a Russian asset since well before 2016. Shocked. So shocked.

NRA Was ‘Foreign Asset’ To Russia Ahead of 2016, New Senate Report Reveals

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A long time coming for a White House far, far from reality…

TRUMP - Episode 45 - THE LAST STRAW. A parody well worth watching from the NYT.


Corey Lewandowski, the political operative who helped elect Donald Trump, has had conversations with White House officials in recent days about potentially taking a position inside the administration to help the President confront a looming impeachment fight.

The discussions, including a Thursday afternoon meeting at the White House, reflect the growing recognition among Trump’s allies and advisers that he is without a clear strategy for managing the crisis, which exploded in stunning fashion this week, according to multiple people familiar with the talks.

Trump’s 2016 campaign manager would be in a crisis management type role, and the idea as it currently stands would be for Lewandowski to assemble a team that mirrors the one that existed in Bill Clinton’s White House when he was facing his own impeachment.


:sweat_smile: Surprise, surprise! When has Trump ever had a clear strategy for managing anything?

It will be interesting to see if Lewandowski becomes the “face” of Trump’s impeachment fight. If so, I think that will be a big mistake for Republicans. Let’s just say it: Lewandowski is a d***. That plays well to Trump’s base, but right now they need to win over moderates both in Congress and in the public. Lewandowski’s abrasive style tends to drive away all but the most die hard Trump loyalists. So, Mr. Trump, by all means, push Lewandowski out onto the national stage – the more talk shows he appears on, the better. Freedom of speech gives anyone the right to make an ass of themselves.

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Whoa. Anybody else feel like this is the moment Putin tosses Trump under the boss for maximum chaos?

In related news…

Reports indicate that Trump & his allies plan a scorched earth strategy against Biden and his son to combat impeachment. The Washington Post fact-checked Trump, thoroughly debunking his false smears.

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The NRA lied about their Dec. 2015 trip to Moscow not being official.

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It takes true stupidity to meet with the NRA and discuss a quid pro quo exchange where Trump refuses to back gun control if they finance his efforts to stop his impeachment on the day the Senate told us the NRA is a long-term Russian asset.

BREAKING: Donald Trump met today with Wayne LaPierre to discuss how the @NRA could financially support the president’s defense as he potentially faces impeachment. In return for the NRA’s support, LaPierre asked the White House to ‘stop the games’ re passing stronger gun laws.

A great quote from Justice Kennedy to leave Trumpites bowled over.

I can’t even…

I can’t keep up any longer.

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