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Day 992

1/ A new bipartisan Senate report found that Russian actors were directed by the Kremlin to help Trump win the 2016 presidents election. The Senate Intelligence Committee released its report on Russian social media interference efforts during the 2016 election. The 85-page report is the second volume of the committee’s investigation into election interference by Moscow. The report concluded that Russia deliberately singled out African Americans and the black community as prominent targets of its disinformation and social disruption campaign. "By far," the panel concluded, "race and related issues were the preferred target of the information warfare campaign designed to divide the country in 2016." The report's findings mirror those of former special counsel Robert Mueller's own report from earlier this year, which also found that the Kremlin directed Russian actors to help Trump win in 2016. The Senate report also includes recommendations for Congress, urging lawmakers to pass new legislation to increase the transparency of political advertisements on social media, and calling on Congress to examine "whether any existing laws may hinder cooperation and whether information sharing should be formalized" between U.S. counter-interference efforts. (The Hill / Daily Beast / NBC News / The Independent / Reuters / Washington Post / Politico)

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Interesting. I had read he’d turned them down. This seems to be developing.

On another note…

The U.S. stated that Turkey has not attacked the Kurds in Syria.

Turkey ITSELF says otherwise.

Turkey fires first shots: Ankara bombs Kurdish supply route ahead of invasion to create a ‘peace corridor’ along border just hours after Trump pulls US troops - as president reveals he has invited Erdogan to the White House next month

  • Turkey confirmed it carried out strikes against Kurdish forces on the Syria-Iraq border overnight Monday
  • Strike was designed to sever supply lines between Kurds in the two countries in preparation for invasion
  • Turkey plans to create a ‘peace corridor’ in northern Syria by driving Kurdish forces away from its border
  • Comes after Donald Trump agreed to withdraw U.S troops from Syria, but denied he abandoned the Kurds
  • Trump revealed on Tuesday that he has extended an invitation to Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to meet with him at the White House in November
  • He tweeted that Turkey was a ‘good trading partner’ of the U.S and 'have been very good to deal with’

Our allies who Trump wants so eagerly to maintain a business relationship with:

Turkey said Kurdish militants east of the Euphrates in Syria “will be buried in their ditches when the time comes”, after President Donald Trump began what will be a total withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria.

‘No idea where that came from’: Government denies Trump’s claim UK was ‘thrilled’ with his Syria decision

Thousands stand as human shields at Serekaniye border

People in the Democratic Federation of North and East Syria say they will not allow Turkey to invade their lands and will resist a possible invasion to the end.

Call for resistance against Turkey’s plan to invade Rojava

11 minutes ago… fullscale invasion has begun, announced by Erdogan himself. Thousands of Kurdish civilians stand in the way, staging peaceful protests as human shields. This is going to be bad.

Turkish troops launch offensive into northern Syria, says Erdogan

Turkish troops have begun an offensive in northern Syria, which could bring them into direct conflict with Kurdish-led forces allied to the United States.

Erdogan orders start of Turkey’s Syria offensive – Peace Spring

Turkey Begins Syria Offensive, Targeting U.S.-Backed Kurds

Many in the military consider the Kurds as family; many have given blood to injured Kurds to help them survive. Turkey is bombing them, and our military has been told to do nothing.

Syrian Christians to US: ‘Don’t Abandon Us Now’

After surviving a civil war and ISIS attacks, the Christian minority fears a Turkish takeover in Kurdish border region.

Turkey launches military operation in northeast Syria

Turkish jets strike Syrian border towns controlled by Kurdish-led forces after US forces pulled back from the area.


The official release from Trump does not even MENTION the Kurds and is the biggest ball of lies you’ve ever read. It even has the gall to note that Turkey is a NATO member.