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Day 993

1/ Turkish forces launched a bombing campaign against U.S.-allied Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria following Trump's decision to abruptly withdraw U.S. forces from the region, paving the way for the attack. The attacks are aimed at crushing Kurdish militias, which have been fighting for their independence from Turkey. The Turkish bombing campaign, which is being conducted in coordination with the Syrian National Army, immediately drew criticism and calls for restraint from European leaders. Kurdish-led forces in the area have been key U.S. allies in the fight against ISIS, but Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says his military is targeting both Kurdish fighters and ISIS extremists. "The Turkish Armed Forces," Erdogan tweeted, "together with the Syrian National Army, just launched #OperationPeaceSpring against PKK/YPG and Daesh [Isis] terrorists in northern Syria." (New York Times / Associated Press / NPR / The Guardian)

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Cross-posting my big mega-post from Day 992 on Turkey here, since I’ve been adding articles to it all day. I recommend checking it out, as there is still some crazy stuff on there you might have missed.

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Seven posts. A firsthand account of how the Kurds are being massacred, are pleading for assistance, have not abandoned their posts, and Trump is letting them die.

And here is Donald Trump failing to comprehend how America values loyalty and bravery over cowardice and greed.

That moment were Trump assures us he extradited a pair of murderers while leaving our allies to face a massacre at the hands of his buddy Erdogan.

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Trump Urged Top Aide to Help Giuliani Client Facing DOJ Charges

I just… can’t find words for this. I can’t find words for how evil this is. All for money and power.


Oh shit!

Trump adviser says China provided information about Hunter Biden

Michael Pillsbury claims Beijing supplied background on alleged $1.5bn payment

Michael Pillsbury, an informal White House adviser on China, told the Financial Times that he secured information about the business activities of Hunter Biden during a visit to Beijing in the same week Donald Trump urged China to probe the son of Joe Biden.

“I got a quite a bit of background on Hunter Biden from the Chinese,” Mr Pillsbury told the FT in an email exchange on Wednesday that he later denied had occurred.

Mr Trump came under heavy criticism last week after he stood outside the White House and urged China to investigate the Bidens — a move that mirrored his request to Ukraine’s president in a July phone call that has sparked an impeachment inquiry.

Mr Pillsbury’s comments to the FT came after he revealed on Fox Business that he had raised the issue of the Bidens during a visit to China a week ago.

“I tried to bring up the topic in Beijing,” Mr Pillsbury told the television channel. “I’ve never seen them get so secretive in my entire life. They would discuss ICBM warheads sooner than talk about what Hunter Biden was doing in China with [former] vice-president Biden.”

Mr Pillsbury, a China hawk who was widely seen as far from the mainstream before the Trump administration came to power, shares a similar stance on China to Peter Navarro, a trade adviser to Mr Trump. At a press conference last year, Mr Trump said Mr Pillsbury was “probably the leading authority on China”.

Mr Pillsbury declined to say whether he was asked to raise the issue by the president. The White House did not respond to a request for comment.


You hate to see it :smirk:

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) will reportedly return campaign donations from two known associates of Rudy Giuliani who were arrested Thursday for violating campaign finance laws, Vice reported.

The House minority leader and the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) both received considerable donations from Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, a pair of Ukrainian American businessmen.


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“China, are you listening?” Wow.