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Deaf Diplomats in Cuba

To start with, our State Dept was so sure this was Cuba’s fault that they expelled two Cuban diplomats from DC. Now the Cubans are saying, according to Rachel M, that this is nothing to do with them. They even offered to let the FBI come to Havana to investigate, but the State Dept ignored the offer.
WTF is happening? Who is doing what, with that, and to whom?

:point_down:t3: Rachel Maddow is correct on this. Here’s a good analysis on WTF is going.

Other weird points from this:

  • The Canadians have also been hit with similar attacks
  • No one seems to have any idea what could be doing this, the haven’t found anything that aligns with the descriptions of the attacks and the symptoms
  • (Mentioned on Maddow, not in article) A handful of hotels have also been hit
  • Most important WTF…why isn’t the state department working with the Cuban government. I get there is history there, but if the Cubans have something to hide why would they have let the FBI come and investigate?!