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A slight of hand by @kokomothegreat Stephen Strasburg (Nationals) who ignored the handshake…and T.

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The look on Trump’s face is truly glorious.


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Mahud Villalaz, 42 is an American citizen who immigrated from Peru.

Clifton A. Blackwell, 61 made anti-immigrant slurs to him and threw acid in his face when Mahud professed his citizenship.

Police investigate acid attack on Milwaukee’s south side as a hate crime; suspect in custody

Man arrested in Milwaukee acid attack was convicted of false imprisonment of hunters

And Blackwell also apparently held up four hunters tracking a deer onto his land and called the police on them, to get jailed himself.

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ABC News Anchor Caught on Mic Saying Network Quashed Jeffrey Epstein Story

This story is getting weird. Project Veritas is pushing it hard; they are far from good actors and I think mostly in it hoping to take down liberals who may be connected to Epstein, ignoring that it could be as bad, or worse, for their own. I don’t really care whose ‘side’ those involved with him were on; every one deserves to be rooted out and punished for what was done to those children.

The headline is clickbait; the anchor says later in the article that she was frustrated they couldn’t get enough corroborating evidence to run with the story fully, but notes they’ve kept following it. Hard to know what’s what with this one.


A bizarre beginning to the Roger Stone trial…Stone needs to leave jury selection time due to food poisoning…

Jury selection in the trial of Roger Stone, the longtime confidant and adviser to President Donald Trump, got off to a bizarre start on Tuesday as Stone left the proceedings due to what he said was food poisoning shortly after an observer was taken out of the courtroom on a stretcher after appearing to have a seizure.

The selection of the jury continued without Stone present, but because of the earlier delay stemming from the separate medical emergency, it is unlikely jury selection will be completed Tuesday. More than 80 prospective jurors arrived at federal district court in Washington, D.C., to potentially take part in the trial.

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Tap water at Trump National Golf Course in Bedminister, New Jersey contaminated with toxic “forever chemicals”, which don’t break down once they enter the environment and can cause build-up in the blood and organs of people exposed to them.


Sen. Tom Cotton Urges Trump To Launch An Invasion Of Mexico

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Millions of poor lose access to cellphone service under Trump administration reforms

8.6M Americans get access to a phone or data plan thanks to Lifeline, a government program vital to many poor Americans.

That number used to be over 11M. The Trump regime claims it is purging those abusing the network, but all indications are it instead seeks to kill it.

Lifeline is intended to keep low income households in touch with healthcare, jobs, emergency services, and family.

The gradual destruction of his program can be highly detrimental, even dangerous, to the lives of millions of Americans.

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To collect ONE person, ICE sent an armored vehicle into Queens. This is an intimidation tactic.


File under #DisruptionCentral. - all these right-ring zealots who are going after jurors, whistleblowers…in an insane level. :stop_sign:

Yes, where is DOJ on this??

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Looks like the original tweet Rep. Swalwell linked to was taken down. Correction: it looks like that twitter user was banned or suspended.

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CNN Fact-Checker Couldn’t Keep Up With Donald Trump’s Rally Lies

Trump was lying “faster than I can type,” tweeted Daniel Dale.

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Trump is boasting of his “opportunity zones”, claiming they will help millions of African-Americans, and while they have helped some communities they are more often helping vulture capitalists like Steven Mnuchin’s pal Michael Milken get richer.


Spot on! The President’s daughter and son-in-law are also cashing in after they helped push through these tax breaks for the rich:

Ivanka Trump reportedly advocated for a tax break she and Jared Kushner could profit from

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Trust me, she’s not religious either, she’s the worst sort of blatantly fake snake oil televangelist type. An utter caricature.






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