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Trump wonders why the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage wasn’t celebrated ‘a long time ago’


and blah blah blah…

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U.S. Resumes Large-Scale Operations Against ISIS in Northern Syria

After a lull of several weeks, American troops and Syrian Kurdish fighters are once again conducting large-scale counterterrorism missions.



Video of last night’s rally in FLA…he is not well.

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Trump Jr. urges followers to ‘trigger a liberal’ & ruin Thanksgiving for their family

You could win a copy of his book if you send him video of how you ruined Thanksgiving for your family.

Here are all the times the Trump administration has attacked LGBTQ rights since he became President



This is dastardly…and such an underhanded methodology to keep R’s in Texas. Weird and eyeopening that this blunder was discovered.

AUSTIN – In a bizarre political blunder, a document laying out the Republican Party of Texas’s election strategy for the 2020 elections has ended up in the hands of Texas Democrats. Attacking Democratic candidates through websites and mitigating “the polarizing nature” of President Donald Trump are part of the plan.

The document — called a draft for initial discussion by the Texas GOP Party chair — was titled “Primary/General Election 2020 [Draft]” and began showing up in Democratic emails Monday evening.

It includes a target list of 12 statehouse districts, including six in North Texas, that Republicans are aiming to take back in next year’s elections. Negative attacks through websites, and highlighting diverse Republicans to counter a “narrative driven by Democrats” about the GOP’s lack of diversity are also part of the strategy.

Republican targets in North Texas are Dallas County Democratic Reps. Ana-Maria Ramos, Terry Meza, Rhetta Bowers, John Turner and Julie Johnson, as well as Denton County Rep. Michelle Beckley.

“Starting after the Primary, the RPT will generate microsites for negative hits against the Democrat candidates in our twelve target race—we expect each microsite to be roughly $500,” the document reads. “We will then begin rolling out these websites, prioritizing the races that were within 4% in the 2018 election.”

Democrats are trying to take the majority in the Texas House for the first time since 2003. After gaining 12 seats in 2018, the Democrats narrowed the gap in the House to 67-83. And they have made no secret of their desire to win the majority next year.

Republicans have already fumbled the ball and we aren’t even in 2020 yet," said Manny Garcia, executive director of the Texas Democratic Party. “They know they’re in deep trouble ‘given the polarizing nature of the President’ and expect ‘Republicans will refuse to turnout during the General Election because they don’t want to vote for him.’ The Texas Republican Party is desperate.

Texas is the biggest battleground state and Tex as Democrats are poised to win in 2020," he said.

Texas GOP chair James Dickey said Monday night that a staffer ”drafted some initial thoughts for discussion. He said that “it should not be news“ that Republicans want to to take back the seats they lost in 2018.

”We are doing that so we continue to dominate in 2020 just like we have for 25 years in Texas,” he said.

Points in the plan

Many of the strategies in the plan, like identifying targets and setting up negative attack websites, are not uncommon in politics. But their public disclosure — especially if that disclosure is unwanted or embarrassing — and the level of detail that became public is unusual.

The document lays out a plan to purchase online domain names affiliated with the names of Democratic candidates so that Republicans can reroute them to the negative attack websites.

“For example, we will purchase,, and so on,” the document reads.

Democratic Rep. Erin Zwiener of Driftwood is among the other six House members on the list. The others are Reps. Vikki Goodwin and John Bucy of Austin, James Talarico of Round Rock, Gina Calanni of Katy and Jon Rosenthal of Houston.

The document says Republicans will audit search engine optimization results to make sure that the negative attack websites are on the front pages of various search engines and work with other stakeholders — such as Texans for Greg Abbott, the governor’s campaign arm — “to get any more insight on issues that matter to these districts.”

“We will attack these Democrat candidates with contrast hits which we will obtain from, public votes from the 86th Legislative Session, their campaign websites, and any other means to gather negative material on them,” the document says.

In addition to the individual websites, the plan calls for a “master site" to house attacks on Democrats across the state, focusing on federal, state and down-ballot Democrats and “how Democrat values don’t match Texas values.” The master site would be used to fact-check political talking points and for rapid response efforts when national Democrats come to Texas, the document reads.

“This site will generally serve as a vehicle the RPT can use to attack Democrats,” the document reads.

Concern about Trump

The plan also addresses a nagging concern for the Texas GOP: Trump’s unpopularity with some Republicans in the state.

“Given the polarizing nature of the President, I suspect some Republicans will refuse to turnout during the General Election because they don’t want to vote for him - though I don’t know that we will know what this universe would look like without us or a stakeholder creating a model,” the document reads. “Regardless, I suggest we set up a contingency budget to target these folks with mailers, digital ads, and texts to encourage them to turnout for U.S. Senate, State Senate, State House, and so on.”

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What, you thought full power had been restored to Puerto Rico?

Think again, and keep thinking with this handy site that keeps track of this travesty.

It has been 799 days since Puerto Rico had full power.

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Tucker Carlson’s new defense of Trump: yeah, he’s a “compulsive self-promoter” and “full-blown BS artist”, but that’s a good thing!

You just can’t make this up.

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With American farmers already reeling, Trump is about to open a new trade war.

Trump says he will reimpose steel and aluminum tariffs on Brazil and Argentina, opening new trade war fronts

The White House says the two nations are “presiding over a massive devaluation of their currencies. which is not good for our farmers.”

Netanyahu raised West Bank annexations in call with Trump


Interview on CBS This Morning with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Chan on what kinds of things they spoke about during their dinner. Not much to say on Zuckerberg’s part.


That Senator Kennedy (D-LA) is now supporting that Ukrainians interfered with 2016 election is a bunch of bunk. On Meet the Press, Chuck Todd asked Kennedy what he thought of the Ukrainian issue and he said indeed Ukraine was attempting to influence the 2016 election, and that the ex Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko, was even supporting Hillary Clinton -

Sen Kennedy cited a lot of (conservative) source The Federalist, Washington Examiner, Financial Times etc…Kennedy is throwing in a lot of ‘chum’ to confuse the issue. And of course, T is loving it. :exploding_head:

Here’s the interview with Chuck Todd and Senator Kennedy

Byron York - writer for Washington Examiner/Fox contributor

Here’s a rebuttal on these assertions (that Ukraine influenced)

From analyst Marcy Wheeler

CNN Bianna Golodryga refutes Sen Kennedy’s assertions with quotes from FT editor Edward Luce.


Here comes the Administration - KellyAnne pushing the party line…
Unreal…and some chafing from husband George.



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Trump Stocks His Cabinet Increasingly With Business Lobbyists

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I do not see this ending well.

The Trump regime says nursing home regulations are too tough & wants to “reduce the burden” on their operators by relaxing rules governing facilities. Critics see troubling implications for the care of millions of residents.


Watch video :point_down:

Some gossip from other world leaders on their feelings towards T.

Update…i have to say I noticed this hand gesture from Prince Charles too…WTFery


At the Nato Summit…some comments between Macron and T where Macron fact-checked him and referred to the Nato alliance as a bit ‘brain-dead’ due to lack of US participation. :boom:

T dropped a bunch of tariffs on France today on their Wine and Cheese imports to US…so things got off to a rocky start. I heard Macron would not shake his hand.

3 things Trump and Macron clashed over during their tense news conference

French President Emmanuel Macron and President Trump just had a tense news conference at the NATO summit in London. The two world leaders clashed over several issues in front of reporters.

Here’s what happened:


Macron corrected Trump about the number of ISIS fighters with European backgrounds after Trump asked if France was willing to take back French terrorists captured in Syria and Iraq.

“Let’s be serious: The very large numbers of fighters you have on the ground are the fighters coming from Syria, from Iraq and the region,” Macron said.

He added that those coming from Europe are “a tiny minority of the overall problem.”

On Russia:

Trump and Macron had different answers when asked about how NATO members should interact with Russia. Trump said, “I think we get along with Russia” — and then pointed to Macron and added that France has a similar view.

But later, Macron said that while it is “important to have a strategic dialogue with Russia,” leaders “must do so without naïveté.”


Macron addressed the comments he made earlier today — he described the long-time NATO coalition as suffering from “brain death” in part due to a lack of US leadership under Trump — and refused to back down.

“I know that my statements created some reaction,” Macron said. “I do stand by [them].”

Before the news conference with Macron, Trump described Macron’s “brain death” comments as “nasty” and “insulting.”

And comments from CNN reporter

CNN’s international diplomatic editor, Nic Robertson, gives his take:

If there was one person who took a beating in the early stages of this gathering, it was the French president.
This was 52 minutes before the meeting had actually started. It’s as if President Trump wanted to get in front of the cameras and have a jolly good conversation about everything he wanted to talk about.
Perhaps because of everything he’s left behind at home – he’s giving everyone lots of other things to talk about. Or perhaps he just wanted to get all these issues off his chest.
It was utterly unconventional. But then, that’s what everyone here was expecting – unconventional.

New Yorker writer Susan Glasser

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NYT has an article on this:

In Video, World Leaders Seem to Be Commiserating About Trump

The leaders of Canada, France and Britain did not appear to realize that their conversation at a Buckingham Palace reception was being recorded.

It was a NATO anniversary celebration designed specifically to avoid unwanted disruptions.

But those drama-free plans were upended on Tuesday when President Emmanuel Macron of France aggressively challenged President Trump during a televised appearance. And early Wednesday brought another surprise, as a brief video surfaced showing grinning world leaders at a Buckingham Palace reception the night before, apparently commiserating about Mr. Trump’s behavior.

In the video, which was posted online by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada seems to be venting about Mr. Trump’s behavior during the first day of the two-day NATO meeting. Mr. Trump spoke to reporters for more than two hours in total on Tuesday, which appeared to astonish Mr. Trudeau.

“He was late because he takes a 40-minute press conference at the top,” Mr. Trudeau says to a small group that includes Mr. Macron, Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain, Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands and Princess Anne.

Mr. Trudeau does not mention Mr. Trump by name during the exchange, at which the Canadian leader appears to be discussing the day’s bilateral meetings.

“You just watch his team’s jaws drop to the floor,” Mr. Trudeau says at another point. Mr. Macron is also seen participating animatedly in the conversation, but his comments cannot be heard. Mr. Johnson is seen smiling.

None of the world leaders seem to realize that the conversation is being recorded.

Mr. Trump was put on the defensive on Tuesday by Mr. Macron, who during a tense 45-minute appearance aggressively challenged the American president’s vision for NATO and his handling of a military conflict involving Turkey. For Mr. Trump, it was a rare face-to-face meeting with another world leader in which he was not driving the conversation.

Mr. Trudeau participated in a more genial meeting with Mr. Trump later Tuesday.

Mr. Trump has long bridled at the idea of other world leaders poking fun at the United States, and part of his 2016 presidential campaign pitch to voters was that his election would change how America was viewed abroad. “The world is laughing at us,” he said frequently during the campaign, criticizing the leadership of President Barack Obama.

In June 2017, when he announced that the United States would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, Mr. Trump said: “We don’t want other leaders and other countries laughing at us anymore. And they won’t be. They won’t be.”

In 2018, laughter broke out at the United Nations General Assembly when Mr. Trump claimed that his administration had “accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.”

The president insisted at the time that he was not the target, saying, “They weren’t laughing at me, they were laughing with me.”

None of the NATO leaders publicly acknowledged the uncomfortable video. But the clip loomed over the gathering of NATO leaders on Wednesday morning at The Grove, a country resort in Hertfordshire, where they met for a group photograph and welcome ceremony.

The leaders took the stage one at a time to greet Mr. Johnson and the NATO secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, and pose briefly before the assembled news cameras.

Mr. Johnson greeted Mr. Trudeau with a handshake and a soft pat on the arm as they stood onstage together. Mr. Macron said hello to Mr. Johnson with a tap on the hand, and lingered, making jovial small talk before exiting the stage.

Mr. Trump arrived late, and shortly before he was due to emerge on the stage, an aide appeared to inform Mr. Johnson of a delay.

“We’re live now,” Mr. Johnson, who seemed perturbed, said to the aide before asking how long the delay would be. “A half an hour? 45 minutes?”

“How are we doing?” Johnson asked the aide few minutes later. “Come on!”

After the two co-hosts lingered onstage for about five minutes, rocking back and forth on their heels, Mr. Trump emerged and patted Mr. Johnson on the back.

Later in the morning, Mr. Trump politely shook hands and exchanged a few words with Mr. Trudeau before a plenary session. Mr. Trump also wrote on Twitter that he had “enjoyed my meeting with the Prime Minister @BorisJohnson of the United Kingdom at @10DowningStreet last night,” noting that the two had discussed “numerous subjects including @NATO and Trade.”

Mr. Trump was also scheduled to meet on Wednesday with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, who was not among the leaders seen in the video but has had her own frosty on-camera interactions with Mr. Trump.

He was also scheduled to hold meetings with the prime minsters of Denmark and Italy, and to participate in a working lunch with representatives of Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Britain.

Mr. Trump was also expected to hold a news conference before his departure.

The viral video clip was not only seen as a potential embarassment for Mr. Trump. Mr. Trudeau also drew criticism for speaking so freely in a setting where his remarks could be caught by a hot mic.

“By this point in his tenure the Prime Minister should realise that events with pool cameras need to be approached and managed as on the record events,” Andrew MacDougall, a former spokesman for Mr. Trudeau’s conservative predecessor, prime minister Stephen Harper wrote on Twitter.

“Hopefully this gaffe doesn’t wind the President up at a sensitive time” for United States-Canada relations, he said.

To say Trump is rattled is an understatement.

Trump Arrives at the NATO Summit—and Talks About Impeachment

Donald Trump says Adam Schiff is “deranged human being” at NATO summit meeting

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Trump threw a temper tantrum and left the NATO summit early, posting an excuse on twitter about how they didn’t need a press conference because "because we did so many over the past two days."

Exact quote.

Trump calls Trudeau ‘two-faced’, cancels press conference and leaves Nato summit early after video of world leaders laughing at him



T leaves…amidst the chorus of dumbfounded other world leaders who listen to his babble.