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I saw that they removed it, but now they’re gaslighting about it?

So, either these guys were incompetent and are trying to cover for it with a joke or did it on purpose because they’re clowns.

Or both. It could be both.



This one most likely but wow huh?!


Deregulation brings more uncertainty…whether you eat meat or not.

Two federal inspectors warned that “mystery” meat and other unwanted materials will contaminate pork throughout the U.S. under the new meat inspection rules currently being used in a pilot program, NBC News reported Monday.

Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) inspectors Anthony Vallone and Jill Mauer told NBC News that they filed whistleblower disclosure forms with the Office of Special Counsel about their concerns with the reduction of the required number of federal inspectors at plants.

The consumer’s being duped,” Mauer said, adding that the meat may be more likely to contain feces, sex organs, toenails, bladders and unwanted hair.

A pilot program for the adjusted rules for pork lines has been implemented at five plants. Five inspectors who worked at these plants talked to NBC News, while four others submitted affidavits with similar concerns.

NBC News notes that none of the inspectors it talked to say they themselves allowed unsafe meat to pass inspection.

“If this continues across the nation, when you open your package of meat, what you’re gonna get for a pathogen is gonna be a mystery,” Mauer added.

Typically, seven federal inspectors check the meat for defects, but under the new rules, the required number would drop to two or three with more experience but less hands-on time with the meat. The plants’ own employees would be instructed to check the meat directly without any required federal training.

The rules would also eliminate the maximum speed of the meat lines, giving less time for inspections.

“You can’t really see very much in that time. So there’s a lot of contamination heading out the door,” Vallone told NBC News.

The other 35 plants in the U.S. are expected to apply for the new inspection rules. Those 40 plants together produce 92 percent of the pork Americans eat, NBC News reported.

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This is my thread about Trump’s transactional nature and use of the dual loyalty canard.

I bring it up because, with the Christianity Today article, Trump is once again boasting he’s the best thing to ever happen to Christianity, and particularly evangelicals.

But it’s the dual loyalty canard again. It’s the same thing he does with blacks and Hispanics and Jews: he’s offering them things they want in the hopes that they’ll completely ignore all of his crimes and atrocities and immorality.

Only in this case it’s actually working for him:

Here’s an excellent thread by another writer looking at Trump’s transactional nature:

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Like the stories with Wikileaks and Seth Rich and other GOP/Trump/Russia coverups, Rudy Giuliani didn’t talk Trump into his mad Ukraine gambit.

Putin did.

‘Putin told me’: Former White House officials say Russian president convinced Trump of Ukraine conspiracy theory

Former White House officials say they feared Putin influenced the president’s views on Ukraine and 2016 campaign


The House amendment, which was passed in July, was drafted to explicitly study the feasibility of screening for white nationalist beliefs in military enlistees.

But the final version of the bill passed by the Senate and sent to President Donald Trump for his signature now only requires the Department of Defense to monitor for “extremist and gang-related activity,” rather than specifically referencing white nationalism.

“We know that white nationalist extremists are actively trying to enlist in our military, and we know they are doing so to acquire combat and weapons training,” Rep. Pete Aguilar, the congressman who introduced the House amendment, said in a statement

“I introduced my amendment because keeping this hateful ideology out of our military is crucial to our national security and to the safety of our service members. We can’t address the problem if we won’t acknowledge there is one, which is why I was disappointed by the Senate Republicans’ decision to strike this language,” the California Democrat said.

A Senate Armed Services Committee spokesperson said Aguilar’s complaint was “absurd.”

“The language from the amendment, which was agreed to in a bipartisan vote by both House and Senate, was expanded beyond Rep. Aguilar’s amendment to include extremist organizations of all kinds: white nationalists, radical Muslims, gang members and others who aren’t suitable to join the military,” the spokesperson said.

The change was first reported by the Huffington Post and confirmed Thursday after CNN reviewed the discrepancy in the House and Senate versions of the bill.

The news comes days after the US military and naval academies launched internal investigations after cadets and midshipmen were captured on ESPN’s pre-game show for the Army-Navy game making a hand gesture that some interpreted as white nationalist and others interpreted as innocent.

In a statement Sunday night, the US Military Academy – commonly known as West Point – said its investigation is looking into the “use of hand gestures by a few Cadets” during the broadcast before Saturday’s game.

“The United States Military Academy is fully committed to developing leaders of character who embody the Army Values. I have appointed an Investigation Officer … to conduct an administrative investigation into the facts, circumstances, and intent of the Cadets in question,” Lt. Gen. Darryl Williams, superintendent of the academy, said.

The gesture in question is when someone forms the “OK” sign with their fingers and thumb – a sign that can be associated with white nationalism.

The Anti-Defamation League, which studies hate messages, said in a report earlier this year that it now considers the “OK” gesture a hate symbol in some cases.

The ADL has previously said the use of the “OK” symbol “in most contexts is entirely innocuous and harmless.” The gesture acquired new significance in 2017 after some members of the website 4CHAN claimed it represented the letters “wp” for “white power,” according to the ADL.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which has tracked extremist groups and their actions for decades, applauded the military for investigating the matter.

"It is definitely hard to know if they intended this as a white power signal, but given who these people are, they should be sure to take this very seriously. We cannot have people playing around with white supremacy in the military," Heidi Beirich, the director of the Intelligence Project at the SPLC, told CNN. “If nothing else, it’s a teachable moment. Even if they didn’t mean it. They should know that the symbol now has two very different meanings.”

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Fact-checker: Trump made more false, misleading claims in 2019 than in 2018 and 2017 combined

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Trump has posed as tough against Iran, but has largely ignored the fact that Turkey helped Iran evade sanctions. It seemed possible he would intervene on behalf of Turkey’s Halkbank…

However, Erdogan has used this scandal it seems to divest himself of former allies, who he has accused of being involved in the scandal.

This has not stopped Halkbank from trying to evade punishment, though.

Turkey’s Halkbank fails to halt U.S. prosecution for aiding Iran

Trump Admin Fights Bill Punishing Turkey for Its Russian Deal

The State Department laid out the administration’s opposition to sanctions on Turkey in a seven-page memo sent to the Senate, and obtained by The Daily Beast.


This abomination serves as our President.

Every day I say this to you and myself…


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This is the man Republicans are claiming never did anything wrong. Ever.

CNN’s Victor Blackwell used jars of gumballs to represent Donald Trump’s 15,413 false or misleading claims since taking office, according to a count by the Washington Post.

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This is basically Trump STILL pushing birtherism, a thing he’s never apologized for.

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Big con men often attract little ones:

FBI raids home, office of lobbyist Michael Esposito

FBI raids D.C. lobbying firm that claimed Trump ties, charged Polk County millions

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