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Didja ever notice that stereotypes of Trump supporters

…are a whole lot closer to the truth than are stereotypes of The Resistance?

Actually, the same is true regarding exaggerations of Democrats vs Republicans, or Liberals vs. Conservatives.


“You Libtards! You just want free stuff because you’re too lazy to work! You think ISIS is good people, and you want every baby slaughtered before it’s born!”

REALITY CHECK: Really? Has anyone ever heard any of us praise any of these things? Or come anywhere close?

“You Right-Wingers are motivated by greed and xenophobia! You would prefer to live in a nation that’s completely white and Christian! You don’t care if Americans die without health care or freeze without housing!”

REALITY CHECK: Really? Well, yes, actually.

You mentioned greed, I view greed as a result of mellinium of hunter gather instinct. Once we created convienentces past the basic need to survive, we became prisoners to them, the hunter gather gene morfed into greed. Like any defiecentcy, we must first acknowledge it before we can correct it. I believe this is self evident to progressives, perhaps it’s time to consider a 12 step program for “conservatism”…and deportation for “trumpism”

I look at it this way: the GOP has currently gained traction in large part because they’ve embraced “pro-life” (every baby must be born!) ideas. Ever ask why? Because the GOP actually represents much of the 1% (super wealthy) and most of their wealth is based on economic growth- meaning, they need more & more people to make big profits.
So by embracing “pro-life” they can sell more goods & services with an ever-rising population. They don’t care one bit if we live in a super-fund site or breathe air just as brown as they have in China, as long as they make money, and lots of it.
I’m sorry, but it’s NOT about any sort of moral superiority…because those same GOP members couldn’t care less if all the people born have health care or make livable wages: what they need are plenty of people who are desperate enough to work for low wages (or be quickly replaced!) and who are desperate enough to fight their wars for them (you rarely see THEIR sons & daughters serving the country & taking risks!) The GOP is just pretending they hold religious values…open your eyes a little wider & you’ll see clearly that they don’t. They pray to the almighty dollar and to the power that it gives them to get away with most anything.

Yes - greed is a gift from our evolutionary ancestors. But so is the instinct to care for the weaker members of our pack. Even pre-verbal babies show empathy and concern. Humankind would not have survived this long without this instinct.

Here’s the problem: The citizens of every other developed nation on the planet evolved the same way we did, yet they’ve all made peace with pitching in to help the vulnerable to some degree.

It’s only the Right Wing here, in the US, that would really like to see zero tax dollars spent on social programs, damn the consequences. That’s why my friends from Europe, Canada and Scandinavia find today’s America “disgusting” and “brutal.” We are an aberration.

I DO get, though, why Conservative Christians jumped on this bandwagon – because Evangelical and Fundamentalist theology grew out of the Anabaptist, Puritan, Calvinist branch of Christianity.

Seen through that lens, disdain for the poor makes perfect sense. Details would be for another post.

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