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Exasperated Jeff Flake Bucks Mitch McConnell, Sides With Dems on Shutdown

Flake will vote with the DEMS!. He says “it’s all Trump’s and McConnell’s fault.”

This is sorta priceless.

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McConnell asked “Where’s the urgency here?” re: Dreamers.

Durbin: “If you want to know the urgency, look into the gallery behind me, Look at the people who have gathered here late this night who are following every word that we are debating.” The gallery was full of young Hispanic immigrants.

That’s cool that Flake is siding with the Dems. and he’s absolutely correct that trump keeps changing his position anyway…from whoever gets the last word in. You know, of course, it’s all Hillary’s fault anyway. Or President Obama’s…take your pick. Leave it to McConnell to ask where the urgency is…:unamused:

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