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Florida Sheriff actively discouraging some people from seeking shelter

Non-Trump, but this elicited a huge WTF for me today.

They’re defending it by saying they won’t have sex offenders or predators in a shelter with kids. But…

  1. Not all sex offenders are dangerous rapists or pedophiles.
  2. Being a sex offender shouldn’t mean you have to choose between possible death by hurricane or unlawful detainment in jail. Registered sex offenders don’t automatically have warrants.
  3. A lot of people who have warrants have them for completely innocuous stuff (like unpaid parking tickets). This will specifically keep poor people and probably undocumented immigrants from seeking shelter.
  4. Jails aren’t automatically good shelters during storms. To wit… Hurricane Katrina Was a Nightmare for Inmates in New Orleans - VICE

If you’re really concerned about having people you think are dangerous in your shelter, then open a shelter just for families and another for everyone else. But the heartless approach taken here will probably cause people to make decisions that will put their lives at risk. Literally the opposite of serve and protect.



I saw this. I don’t know what made them think this was an okay thing to say, let alone a good idea.

And then there’s this story, which would be really funny if it wasn’t endangering people’s lives. :roll_eyes: