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Free "I voted" stickers from WTFJHT

Hello! We’re <50 days from the election and as an incentive to get you to vote, I’ve printed a few thousand limited edition WTFJHT x “I voted” stickers. They’re free. Just fill out this form and I’ll send you a couple.

The catch? YOU HAVE TO VOTE. Feel free to share this with friends and family.

:ballot_box: How To Vote In The 2020 Election In Every State. Everything you need to know about mail-in and early in-person voting in every state in the age of COVID-19, including the first day you can cast your ballot in the 2020 election. (FiveThirtyEight / Washington Post / NBC News / Wall Street Journal)


My wife and I just filled out our mail-in ballots. Because my wife works 8 to 6 M-Th, we’re walking them in Friday to the only early polling place open around here yet, to be sure they arrive. We’d do it sooner if we at all had a way.