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GOP Tax Scam to GOP Tax Refund!

I figured out yesterday that with the #GOPTaxScam, I got an extra $45 in paycheck. So, I decided I’m going to donate the money to the below, to put it to good use.

If anyone else is interested in doing the same, feel free to share the organizations you are donating to!


What a windfall!

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I would go with The Innocence Project, the NRDC, or my son’s school.

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I am not getting very much; I’m parttime to begin with, working for a public school district. However, I am firmly in the Glam Up The Midterms camp and for contributing to my local animal shelter. I volunteer there a couple of days a week, and drop some coin when I can. Maybe I can a little more often! :slight_smile:

I am actually starting to hear some stuff about withholding shenanigans making up increases per paycheck, so make sure there’s no difference in your withholding from last year’s checks before spending that extra money.

I need to confirm it myself, but for now it might be a good idea to hang onto that $45 for now.

I also think it’s really amusing that the exact amount you got is “45.”


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In much the same way as the stock market tumble was 666…interesting times, for sure.
As far as withholding shenanigans, nothing would surprise me- their level of dishonesty makes me :scream:

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