Guns and American slaughter v.ive lost count

(PJ) #1

Does anyone else remember Beau Biden’s op-ed about assault weapons? I think he wrote it after Sandy Hook. I’ve been surprised it hasn’t been featured in the general news this week (not WTF but in general). It was eloquent and directly addressed how any appropriate military or law enforcement agencies manage their weapons (I rather think ‘machine guns’ describes them better than assault rifles). I wish someone in the national media would read that essay word-by-word in prime time. It’s time. It’s past time.


I’m going to put this here for anyone who may need it :point_down:

(Gord) #3

I am afraid you will never change the American (USA) thinking on gun ownership-it’s ingrained in mind-not in your constitution. The second amendment-written over 200 years ago-was written to protect a young nation from invasion. I don’t think any nation on earth will be sending boatloads of soldiers anytime soon. I promise we will NOT attack you from Canada! So basically, think about what you are doing to your way of life-what you are doing to the psyche of your children-what the future will hold without change. This “15 minutes of fame” mentality extends to misfit children who also want their “15 minutes” without thought of anyone else’s feelings or civil rights. If you do nothing-nothing works-then your society breaks down.
You have a choice. Vote for people who have the same views-people without links to the gun lobby. Disallow visits to lawmakers from lobbyists without full open disclosure. And change the election laws that allow the rich to run your county.
Vote out elected representatives that keep sending ‘prayers and condolences’ to your families because another child has died. Ask the questions before you vote. Get answers to your questions. VOTE for candidates that will actually do the majority opinion.


Dude, you’re just preaching to the choir on this one. :neutral_face:

(Lynn) #5

It takes MORE than mere votes…it takes getting big NRA money out of politics, period! Hey, I know…why don’t we level the playing field for all elections…everyone has the same amount of air time, no private contributions needed or allowed, while we find out what they have to say, what they really represent?

Here’s what the NRA does>>>> (notice how few Democrats get funding from NRA, compared to GOP?)
And you wonder why we have a problem??? :scream:

(Doreen) #6

I don’t know why I keep being amazed at the rhetoric produced by those who think more guns = a safer nation. If anyone can answer the question “Why are the stats that show the many countries with stricter gun control have less homicides, and more importantly far less school children shot, ignored by NRA fanatics?”, I would love a coherent explanation.

(RE) #7

I thought Nicholas Kristof made a lot of sense in his column this week ( Addressing gun safety and regulating it in the same way car safety is regulated, as he suggests, seems a sensible way to reframe the issue to sidestep the automatic pitting against each other of people in two passionately divided camps. We are actually united by a huge majority in wanting gun ownership to be a whole lot safer.

(PJ) #8

Excellent article, r.eugster, best I’ve ever read as it provides so much real data, charts, graphs, numbers, etc., including those stats which confirm that MOST Americans do approve of the very specific controls posited to make guns less dangerous to you or me on a daily basis. People do have the power to change this. With their votes. But that assumes people ever learn to vote for what they say they believe. We shall see. Meanwhile, I’m sharing the Kristof article with as many people as I can. Thank you.

(Brittany Garski) #9

Every time I see a commercial that is so far detached from reality that I’m sure I’m about to be introduced to “the next big thing,” it always ends up being a “not for profit” public address from the NRA.

On the flip side, every time a commercial comes on with hopeful imagery about how we can better love everyone and get along and be happy, it’s A Message From the Foundation for Better Life. Charitable Christians teach. Angry Christians Preach. Angry Christians are the most annoying torn in America’s bum, and I really wish they’d hurry up and get raptured so the rest of us can move on.

(Brittany Garski) #10

I digress. Baby steps.

First I’m going to make my mom feel loved so she finally stops wiping my alcoholic step-dad’s behind and not caring that he managed to give every single one of her children, as well as his, severe PTSD.

Going on 30 and it took Trump’s America to make me understand exactly why I’ve spent my entire adulthood pissed at her. I’ve tried to have nothing to do with her and it never worked, so now I’m trying it her way “Jesus Loves You. So shut up and start loving yourself too.”

(RE) #11

Agreed, PJ. I felt exactly the same way. Both that Kristof did a super job of substantiating his points, but also that he offered a rare ray of hope that there may be a way out of this. Or at least a way to significantly reduce the madness.
But I do agree with you that it depends upon follow-through from voters–i.e., us.
I too am sharing the column widely!

(PJ) #12

My next door neighbors (thankfully about 100 yards away) are the poster family for Duggar-like mentality. We’ve gotten along well for ten years, but only because I censor my real thoughts about 80% of the time. Although I’ve always known they were extreme I at least respected them for walking out their beliefs. That ended on November 8, 2018, when the parents both voted for Trump. Their utter hypocrisy makes me want to vomit. I keep a bit more distance than I used to because I will no longer censor myself for their comfort; Trump is far more vile than even me.


There is one thing I can agree with Oliver North on that the culture of violence in our society has contributed to the mass shootings the US has had. IMO the proliferation of guns and action of the NRA has contributed to the culture problem, but I suspect the NRA will never admit to that.