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Happy Holidays, WTFam!

Happy Holidays everyone! (I won’t use the forbidden Merry [email protected]$ :joy_cat:)

Hope everyone is having as great of Christmas as I am! :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:

Now, for some excellent sub-tweets on the “war on Christmas”!


As someone who worked many years for the (diverse) public, I am totally used to saying “Happy Holidays”…and the more certain members of our society complain about that as not being “Christian enough” the more likely I am to avoid saying “Merry Christmas” altogether. Nothing annoys me more than a made-up pity-party, designed to throw another wedge between people under the guise of “religious freedom”. As you might guess, I’m not one who sees our nation as Christian by design (as some now choose to believe); our nation’s founders were looking for freedom FROM religious persecution, if my memory serves me?

Anyway, I’m too late for this year’s greetings & I have to admit, the whole sickening spectacle that is the trump W-H did nothing for my holiday spirits. I hope by next year we have something to celebrate.

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You may find article 11 of the Treaty of Tripoli of some value, or in the least, vindication.

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I knew it was in there somewhere…all but forgotten these days, at least in the ‘enemy territory’ where I now reside.