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Hearings and testimonies

There are a lot of hearing and testimonies I always want to dive into discussing and dissecting, and there miiiiiiight be a few more in our futures (I’ll bring the popcorn) so I hope you all find it helpful to have a separate thread for those.

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I don’t normally read NPR but this article is being shared by some ppl whose reading taste is similar to mine. It’s based on the testimony of Bill Browder. Quite a read.

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I thought this document was really helpful (for anyone interested in nitty-gritty details) to learn about all the key people and organizations involved with the anti-Magnitsky Act Russian lawyer/lobbyists who met with Don Jr.

It’s a copy of the official FARA (Foreign Agent Registration Act) complaint filed by Bill Browder (more specifically via his company Hermitage Capital) against Natalia Veselnitskaya (the Russian lawyer) and Rinat Akhmetshin (Russian-American D.C. lobbyist & former Soviet counterintelligence sergeant) in July 2016.


Bill Browder on Trumpcast twice so far, excellent interviews. His first was an explainer of the Magnistky Act…before everyone was talking about it tho.

I’m reading his book Red Scare for my Pod Save America [Facebook group] book club this month. :+1:t3:

@John: this is great - thank you! You have some excellent A+ :star: sourcing!


This is a great video interview with Bill Browder & a quick summary for people just tuning into this saga. There are also brief interviews with the Russians who were targeted for assassination but survived.

The MSNBC segment aired the day before the New York Times broke the story about Don Jr.'s emails.

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