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How perfect is it that Trump's Twitter profile goes to a 404 page?!?!

I recently received an email from Twitter on “Who to Follow” and one of the suggestions was for POTUS. Okay, I could use a laugh this morning. So I clicked on the URL in his profile – but it took me to a missing page on the (404 error)!!


Bawhahaha! If this doesn’t perfectly encapsulate the bumbling bullshit of this President and his “staff,” I don’t know what does. How can you mess up something as basic as a shortened URL in a profile…

Or, wait! Is this missing page not a mistake…? Are they purposely not keeping his idiotic tweets in the (required) archives?!



:joy::joy::joy::joy: That’s pretty funny.
Here, try this link :point_down: It’s a .gov not a .org

The .org is a parody site


Whoops! My bad; I made a typo on that original post; it actually was to the the .gov site, I just typed .org by mistake. And after me making fun of how simple a URL should be. LOL

Hey! Maybe I should go get a gig at the White House; I’ll fit right in.


If you delete all the other crap after the word “privacy” in the URL, it redirects to

Where does all that stuff after the “?” come from?

No worries, it’s still kinda funny. :wink: