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Some armed visits to unsuspecting immigrants with ICE threatening forced entry with a Criminal warrant in hand.

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1.If the person has no legal documents, Commits a crime, police let ICE know, and they can go get the person arrested and deported. Police do not deport people.

2.I believe that police do not let ICE know, but ICE is allowed to pick people up who are on their list for removal. AIUI this is what sanctuary cities is about: ICE wanting local cops to do their (federal) work for them.

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Somebody I work with on twitter made a point I didn’t even consider about this:

‘Flood the Streets’: ICE Targets Sanctuary Cities With Increased Surveillance

ICE is boosting its operations in sanctuary cities to arrest and deport undocumented immigrants, conducting round-the-clock surveillance in addition to deploying elite tactical agents.

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There’s been talk of this for some time. Now they’re moving on it still despite far greater issues.

An organization’s priorities tell you a LOT about them. For instance. ICE & CBP are denying basic medical attention to detainees during a pandemic, but want to collect DNA from them & migrants crossing the border to use in a federal criminal database.

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The New Sanctuary Coalition with graphics in English and Spanish on how to recognize ICE and other Immigration Officers:

The New Sanctuary Coalition with updated graphics in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Kreyol, Portugese, Russian, Turkish, & Urdu to help you #KnowYourRights:

My general immigration Resources thread:

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For the Immigration thread:

With the coronavirus shutting things down, here is how you can take the census over the phone.

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For the Immigration thread, which needs refreshing:

Despite urging to gather in groups no larger than 10 & the grave danger the #coronavirus can pose due to its subtle spread through asymptomatic carriers, USCIS, DHS, ICE, & other immigration departments under Trump pushing blindly ahead with usual or even increased activity.

ICE has transported immigrant minors on airlines during the pandemic, despite mass gridlock caused by the surprise, and botched, Trump travel ban announcement.

Immigration and asylum courts continue to hear cases unabated.

Amid coronavirus concerns, Justice Department continues “remain in Mexico” hearings in immigration courts

Chaos in New York’s Immigration Courts as System Crashes and Judges Call for All Activity to Stop

Asylum seekers attend border court amid outbreak

And ICE continues to make arrests and pack its detention centers with immigrants, creating a veritable breeding ground for the virus while denying any cases have been found.

With continued immigration enforcement activities, the cruelty is the point even in the time of the #coronavirus:

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You wonder if this is actually true…will ICE stop at this juncture but you certainly have a total mistrust of the system.

U.S. immigration authorities will temporarily halt enforcement across the United States, except for efforts to deport foreign nationals who have committed crimes or who pose a threat to public safety. The change in enforcement status comes amid the coronavirus outbreak and aims to limit the spread of the virus and to encourage those who need treatment to seek medical help.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement said late Wednesday that its Enforcement and Removal Operations division will “delay enforcement actions” and use “alternatives to detention” amid the outbreak, according to a notification the agency sent to Congress.

ICE told members of Congress that its “highest priorities are to promote lifesaving and public safety activities.” :exploding_head:

During the COVID-19 crisis, ICE will not carry out enforcement operations at or near health care facilities, such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, accredited health clinics, and emergent or urgent care facilities, except in the most extraordinary of circumstances,” the notification said. “Individuals should not avoid seeking medical care because they fear civil immigration enforcement.”

The agency, which is a part of the Department of Homeland Security, did not immediately respond to questions about how many of the approximately 37,000 detainees it has in custody will remain there. Nearly 20,000 in ICE custody have some sort of criminal history, but it remained unclear how many of those people have serious criminal violations in their past.

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I definitely had the same exact reaction–I cautioned folks on a call today that ICE is saying this, but we need to see what actually happens in the coming week.

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Jails are going into lockdown mode.

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More for the immigration thread, I fear, @MissJava, and a re-fresh:

3 workers at facilities housing migrant kids in U.S. custody test positive for coronavirus

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There is a special place in hell for Ken Cuccinelli, but before he gets there I want to see him in the Hague first to stand trial for his war crimes.

Here he is celebrating keeping migrants locked up in dangerously close quarters during a pandemic:

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This is just so horrifying to hear.


It’s just heartbreaking, all of it. :broken_heart:

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‘Dreamers’ fear loss of legal status as USCIS offices stay closed

DACA recipients are required to submit biometric data in person to offices closed because of coronavirus