Independent Investigative Journalism - Favorite Sources


I am curious to hear what your favorite sources are in the news (US and beyond) that provide much needed independent investigation on government overreach and shady behavior in the public and private sector.

All things Mueller - What we know he has on T 'n Co
( Lee Miller) #2

Sierra Club
Audubon Society
Mother Jones
Rachel Maddow
The Resistance Indivisible groups
HuffPost and NYT for fact checking
I miss Keith Oberman- but Matt will do! LOL
BBC News is good too


Oohhh! This is a good one I’ll look into.


I wonder if there are any level headed libertarian sources that are not “scream-y”.

(Deb) #5

All the above and Democracy Now

(Michelle Post) #6

My additions would be: WhoWhatWhy, “Stayed Tuned” podcast from Preet Bharara, The Young Turks, and The Cipher Brief.

(Mara) #7

The Atlantic and its pricey offshoot The Masthead.