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Letters to Healthcare

So, I’m gonna jump right into this section, cause, why not? (I’m an organizer at heart I guess)

So, I think if you are an average citizen, regardless of your political lean, you should be happy the “skinny repeal” was defeated. Even if you think the ACA is bad, having it ripped out with no replacement will make things worse.

So, I thought I would float this topic. I think our Senators who voted “No” last night deserve our thanks, specifically Senators McCain, Collins, and Murkowski. Now, some people may reasonably be thinking “why does Senator Person deserve thanks for this when they have voted badly on X, Y, or Z?” Sure, that’s a reasonable thing to think. In which case, I would just be very clear you are sending a thank you letter based on this one thing.

Based on conversations with many staffers, our elected officials are usually getting so much hate mail, that a thank you note will stand out. Maybe even stand out enough that they won’t immediately throw it out if you’re not a constituent. (Bonus points if you actually live in Alaska, Arizona, or Maine)

What do people think, good idea, bad idea, or pretend this topic never happened? (I will probably do this anyway)


I like it!

I know the Indivisible people say that there’s no reason to do anything to anyone if you are not their constituent, but I think they are usually talking about negative actions. It probably wouldn’t hurt, but it’d be better if we can find some AZ, AK, or ME residents. :slight_smile:

I’ve actually coordinated this in with my Indivisible group for the first healthcare vote! We sent thank you cards to Heller & Collins! :grin:


I sent postcards to McCain, Murkowski and Collins, telling them I wasn’t a constituent but that I appreciated their vote and hoped they were open to working across the aisle to make healthcare better for everyone. I figured it fell under “rewarding good behavior.” I also send cards to my senators (both Dems) thanking them for fighting so hard against the GOP’s healthcare bills.


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