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Literally nobody thinks the GOP is handling healthcare well

New Quinnipiac poll:

Also in the poll…

Everyone loves Dreamers, no one has confidence Trump can handle North Korea, and a big majority think we should stay in the Paris Accord.

TL;DR: Things are going great! :grimacing:


Good to know Republicans had their best people working on the problem! :unamused: :rage::fu:

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Well, it’s not like every single person working in the health care industry thought the GOP bill sucked… :roll_eyes:

The short list:

The longer (but still incomplete) list:

Everybody hates it and no one is happy:

Although these lists refer to the House bill, many of the same reasons why these organizations opposed it in the first place were never fixed. So count them in too.

This administration is phenomenal at uniting everyone against them: not a single state had a majority of voters who favored their healthcare bill!

It probably didn’t help when S&P Global Ratings came out to say their bill would be a drag on the entire economy:

Or when nearly 40 current and former state health insurance commissioners opposed it:

Or when Medicaid Directors from all 50 states said “@$&%^*(!)”:


@John Wow… I thought that was an Onion headline at first. :open_mouth: