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@matt: I'd like to follow a Mastodon mirror of the Twitter account

Hello @matt!

I find the Twitter account really helpful; it’s the main way I keep up-to-date with US stuff. So thank you for running this because it is a huge time- and energy-saver!

Most of the time I use Mastodon more than Twitter, though. Sometimes, like today, I am avoiding Twitter. Today’s because people are tweeting spoilers of my favourite TV show.

Would you consider setting up a mirror of WTFJHT on Mastodon? The instance that will reach the most people, that everyone knows about, is - but there are other instances if you want to be more picky. :slight_smile: There’s a crossposter here or there are others you can set up yourself.

Alternatively, if you want it to happen with very little work on your part and you don’t mind not having control over it I can talk to the admin of and they’ll set up a mirror for me! (Their only requirement is that I have the consent of the Twitter account holder.)

Anyway, thank you again! Take care.


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I’ll look into this. Wasn’t familiar with Mastodon before. Thx.

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I’m glad Mastodon’s still a thing. I’m a weird millenial who doesn’t like social media, and Mastodon’s hybrid walled garden style really appeals to me. I’m always happy to have more reason to use it, and though I don’t follow WTFJHT on Twitter, I probably would on Mastodon.

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@matt @Zilla Awesome, thank you. :slight_smile: