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(David Bythewood) #705

This is what leadership looks like.

Trump to Veto Bill Intended to Keep Forever Chemicals out of Groundwater

A lot of this contamination is connected to military sites & the Defense Department, thus disproportionately affecting military personnel, their families, & nearby communities.

Disinformation can be contagious. I learned today that Australia has its own crop of climate deniers that are 100% influenced by ours.

One thing they are claiming is that the Australian bushfires are caused by arson.

They are not.

Arsonists HAVE in the past been responsible for some of the nation’s worst bushfires. But propaganda saying climate activists are doing this is wrong.

Those claims about nearly 200 arrested for arson in the Australia bushfires are wrong.

Only about 1% of this year’s apocalyptic fires in Australia stem from arson.

We crunched the numbers on bushfires and arson — the results might surprise you

Firefighter slams ‘outright lies’ about bushfires, as experts expose bots and bizarre conspiracies

If you’re on social media, no doubt you’ve seen plenty of posts about the bushfires crisis. One firefighter has had a gut full of the “lies”.

Tennessee governor declares day honoring Confederate general and early Ku Klux Klan leader Nathan Bedford Forrest


A cautionary tale: Beware of arrogant, high-flying attorneys.

Ex-Stormy Daniels lawyer and Trump antagonist Michael Avenatti was led out of the State Bar Court in Los Angeles by federal agents on Tuesday evening.

The arrest occurred outside the disciplinary hearing in which the State Bar of California has accused the hard-charging, tough-talking attorney of using a doctored document to scam a client out of nearly $840,000, funneling money from a lawsuit settlement fund to his own personal use.

The State Bar of California, the official attorney licensing agency, has sought to put Avenatti on “involuntary inactive status,” setting in motion a timeline for disbarment proceedings.

During a break in testimony, members of the United States Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California, who are prosecuting Avenatti in a separate criminal matter in Orange County, parleyed with Avenatti’s team of lawyers and took the lawyer into custody.

“I understand that Mr. Avenatti has been arrested by the federal authorities for violating the terms of his release,” said attorney Steven Bledsoe, who represents the alleged Avenatti victim in the State Bar case and was present when the arrest occurred.

Lawyer Michael Avenatti is taken into custody by federal agents for violating the terms of his pre-trial release in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Jan 14, 2020. - Jason McGahan for The Daily Beast

Avenatti was taken into custody at around 6 p.m. PST. When the court resumed, his lead counsel in the disciplinary case, Thomas Warren, told the court that in connection with a criminal matter in Santa Ana, Avenatti was unable to return to court.

(David Bythewood) #707

Border Wall Threatens National Wildlife Refuge That’s Been 40 Years In The Making

(David Bythewood) #708

It was only a matter of time after Xi Jinping became China’s president for life that Putin would try the same. Now he’s making his move.

Russian government resigns as Putin seeks constitutional shakeup

Trump was mightily impressed when Xi Jinping did it. This is what we face. This is what Trump dreams of. Remember that.

Russian prime minister submits resignation to Putin

This en masse resignation isn’t one of protest; it’s designed to allow Putin to step in and twist the Russian Constitution into the shape he desires.

Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev is just another Putin flunky who has made billions in Putin’s corrupt regime.

In other news:

(David Bythewood) #709

Virginia lawmakers pass Equal Rights Amendment in historic vote

My wife’s mother fought all her life for equality. She was the chair of her county YWCA for 30 years and one of 9 women who forged their current national mission statement. We lost her in 2016, after the primary, before she could vote for Hillary. We know this day she is smiling.


Oh fuck yeah! That’s why I marched.

I grew up in the seattle area in the 90’s, the riot grrrl movement got to me early. I remember the day I found out they never ratified the ERA. I was 14, I had been working on a essay at the library about the feminist movement in the 60’s and 70’s. I went home and cried my eyes out listening to my only Bikini Kill album on repeat for hours.

Today I will do the same. If it wasn’t for Kathleen Hanna, I wouldn’t be the feminist I am today.

My favorite lyric

You’re a big girl now
You’ve got no reason not to fight
You’ve got to know what they are
'Fore you can stand up for your rights
Rights, rights?
You do have rights

(David Bythewood) #711

It would seem the misogynists are intent on not going down without a fight!!

Virginia Declares State of Emergency After Armed Militias Threaten to Storm the Capitol

(David Bythewood) #712

Putin Launches Overhaul That May Extend His 20-Year Russian Rule

Medvedev moves to new post on Russian security council

Putin nominates tax chief Mishustin as new prime minister

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