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Might Mueller leak

I’m wondering if Mueller may provide a controlled leak to put more pressure on Trump. He’s smart enough to do that. He may provide a leak that baits Trump, drives his lawyers crazy, and boxes in the Prez. The administration is playing the good cop, bad cop at the moment. Trump saying he wants to testify, solely for his base, while he has no real intention of testifyjng.

I believe Mueller has already been doing that, so yes, I’d expect a some more “leaks”. But I’m really quite concerned about the pernicious interference by the Republican senators not playing by the rule of law.

:persevere: I agree, trump has no intention of testifying, any more than he released his taxes…something he promised time & time again. He relies on the short attention span of his base, & moments later it’s another distraction & fake scandal about the “deep state” & FBI, another “look over there at the corruption!” sidetrack. Even as Republicans have expressed support, now they are not-so-subtly running interference on Mueller’s investigation again. I’m hoping that they can in fact indict a sitting president…seems maybe they can? & they certainly SHOULD! This scumbag is NOT above the law and he’s not an f’ing “king” as he tries to pretend.

I can remember the predictions during the campaign that if elected, trump would go on to become THE most hated American president and I was not doubting that…but even I never imagined all the shit we’re seeing now. :scream: We passed “unsettling” a long while back, we’re now at “horrifying”.

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It’s very troubling to me how complicit so many Republican senators are in the cover-up antics. So we have not only the original conspiracy to get trump “elected” & trump’s ongoing obstruction of justice, but now the GOP is running interference for him. How did we get so many corrupt lying scoundrels in positions of power??? :exploding_head: This feels like a nightmare that just won’t end… And just think, the Republican party is supposed to be the party of family values and respect for the law…WTF???

Every time I think there’s something I can take comfort in (like the projected “blue wave” in the next elections) I am reminded that nothing is being done to ensure that our elections are secure against tampering…excuse me while I go scream into my closet.


I 100% believe Mueller won’t leak, I do believe he may selective choose to release information to the public, in order pressure Trump, keep the investigation of public interest, etc. i.e. the unsealing of george papadopoulos’ indictment around the same time as manafort’s indictment or indicting manafort already when the investigation clearly still has a ways to go.


I agree, that’s what I meant, not “leak” in the typical sense, but in the deliberate.

RE: Trump testifying

Yeah, like he was willing to release his taxes?

Good move on his part, tho. He says “happy to” and “under oath” (which, considering how much he lies, isn’t worth shit to me) and then his lawyers will advise him not to, and his worshippers will just swallow it all happily and not see thru his bullshit.

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sticks head out of her own scream-proof room

Did I just hear someone?


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