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Millennials & third party

They are right. Republicans seem to have forgotten all reasons for the “American experiment” and the Democrats can’t learn how to develop and deliver a sellable political product. Dan Rather is wrong when he says “We are better than this.” This is what we really are until we change things. We are an oligarchy and the rule of law is threatened and freedom as knew it is on the slippery slope to “big man” rule.

As a millennial, who has done a ton of research on millennials and politics - I made a prediction a nearly a year ago (with no evidence, just gut instinct) that by 2020, we will no longer be a country of two parties.

Millennials want a value based, transpartisan government and are not focused on party affiliations.

I’ve done some writing about it in the past – plus there is something called the millennial impact review which is super insightful.

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The signs you point to in that article are heartening at least. The outrage has fueled political engagement on an unprecedented scale. I hope we will see a third party emerge and ascend to a viable status, but there’s so much wrong with this system, and so little incentive for the people in power to change it, that I’m not optimistic that we will see a party emerge.

I’m still going to vote and campaign for third party candidates that match my values, though. I’m not giving up, I’m just not confident it will work, no matter how important it is.