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Mobilize the diaspora: Get Out the (overseas) Vote

As we approach the midterms, one thing every single one of us can do is this: Make sure that everyone we know who is living outside the country registers to vote–and exercises that right in 2018 and again in 2020. As an American living in Canada, I am keenly aware that there is an enormous (predominantly Democratic) vote here that could be, should be, and sometimes is activated to vote in U.S. elections. If there ever were a time to get involved, it is now.

Democrats Abroad (an official arm of the Democratic Party, which even sends delegates to the National Convention) has worked hard over the years for full voting rights and absentee ballots for citizens abroad–9 million of us at last count.
Anyone who thinks they shouldn’t have a say because they no longer live in the U.S. should shake their heads and take a fresh look at how everything going on right now will affect the whole world. Furthermore, as long as they retain American citizenship, they are required to file an annual tax return (the U.S. and Eritrea being the only two countries in the world that impose a lifelong requirement to do so). Ever heard of taxation without representation? Voting from abroad is the right that balances the obligation to file tax returns.

If they are confused about where to register, tell them it’s the place where they last lived in the U.S.

And if they think it can’t make a difference, tell them it already has–at the gubernatorial level and at the congressional level, if not yet at the presidential level. But we can hope.

There is lots of information here:

and here: .

Please help to GOTOV!



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