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Pay Up! We Need Matt!

Friends, I just doubled my monthly support of WTF Just Happened Today, from $5 a month to $10 a month. I know that not everyone can afford to double their support, but everyone can do something. If you don’t currently pay, get a paid subscription. If you, like me, have been at the basic level, consider going up to $7/mo or even $10/mo, like I did.

Meanwhile, get off your duffs and introduce your friends to WTF. Matt is essential for our political sustenance. If he needs 200 new subscribers, let’s get them. If he wants 500 subscribers to stretch, let’s get them for him. Let’s pay him what he’s worth.


Cynthia Astle, Dallas, TX


Hey, thanks Cynthia! Appreciate the support!

For those that are interested, here’s the membership page:


Cynthia, you beat me to it! I have just upped my contribution from $50/year to $20/month. But current supporters aren’t the ones who need chivvying the most–it’s those among the 99% who could also lend support but haven’t yet chosen to do so.

Matt, we need you. And we need to make sure your financial foundation is stable!



Just upped my monthly contribution as well. @Matt’s work is an essential tool for holding Trump accountable. Knowledge is power! Onward to 2020! :muscle:


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I do paypal every month at 10 but I will see if I can up that. I feel a moral duty to be there $$-wise.