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He forms this hand gesture on the “O” when saying the initials of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—A.O.C.


Imperial and untouchable he thinks



In case you had any doubts, T is definitely a loser of a person. And funnily enough, this writer’s name is Michael Cohen who is a regular contributor to the Boston Globe and not his former lawyer, who I would venture to guess agrees with everything on this list.
But maybe the 2nd Michael Cohen just wanted the fame and the glory and the money by working for T…so he might be the best one to judge.

Including the full write-up here as there seems to be a paywall that sometimes makes it difficult to get Boston Globe articles.

Opinion | Michael A. Cohen
Does Trump have even one redeeming quality?

By Michael A. Cohen Globe Columnist,July 31, 2019, 11:14 a.m.

With Donald Trump there is no bottom.
Mere weeks after attacking four Democratic congresswomen of color and saying they should “go back” to where they came from, he took to Twitter to launch yet another racist diatribe against Baltimore congressman Elijah Cummings and the residents of his congressional district.

It reminds me of the one indisputable and remarkable fact about the president: He doesn’t have a single redeeming quality.

I realize this might sound like hyperbole. Everyone has at least one good thing you can say about them, right?
But try as I might, when it comes to Trump the cupboard is empty.

First and foremost, he’s not a nice person. He’s mean, unpleasant, and regularly insults, demeans, and attacks anyone and anything that doesn’t provide him with constant veneration. He calls political leaders “crazy,” “low IQ,” “dumb as a rock,” “very dumb,” a “loser,” and for some, like Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, hurls racist epithets at them. He derides their physical appearance and makes up juvenile nicknames for them.

He lies not some of the time or most of the time, but all the time. According to The Washington Post’s “Fact Checker,” Trump has lied approximately 11,000 times since he took office.
He’s a well-documented racist and misogynist. More than 20 women have credibly accused him of assaulting them, which includes allegations of rape. He makes bigoted and racist comments about immigrants. He regularly attacks African-American politicians, journalists, and sports figures and uses words like “infested” to describe their communities. He praises and employs white supremacists and refuses to condemn neo-Nazis. He has kind words for sociopathic dictators and authoritarian leaders, primarily because they say nice things about him.

He’s even mean to children.

He has no discernible moral core. He’s devoid of integrity, empathy, and selflessness. He’s vain and self-centered. He never takes responsibility for anything, and blames everyone else for his mistakes. Even the quality that he seems to venerate more than any other — strength — is one that he consistently fails to uphold. He is a bully who attacks the weak and vulnerable and he can’t even be relied on to keep his word or stand firm in a negotiation.
He’s not intelligent or insightful. Everything he seems to know about politics and public life he’s gleaned from watching Fox News. He doesn’t read books, or go to the movies, and spends much of his time watching television. The only hobby he appears to have is golf, and he is legendary for cheating at it.

He’s not funny, and he hardly ever laughs.

He has the diet of a 14-year-old boy, and eats his steaks well done and drenches them in ketchup.

He’s incompetent at his job. He appears to have no understanding of how the federal government, of which he is the chief executive, works; how laws are passed; how the economy functions; and he is seemingly unable to differentiate between the three branches of government. There is hardly a political norm or tradition that he hasn’t violated. He has no respect for democracy or the Constitution.
He doesn’t even appear to like dogs, and he’s the first occupant of the White House in more than 120 years who doesn’t have one.

He surrounds himself with bootlickers and enablers. He has no loyalty to those who work for him. Anyone with even a scintilla of ability or integrity has long since stopped working for him. All this might have something to do with the fact that he appears to be a lousy boss.

He’s even bad at the thing that brought him to public attention — being a businessman. He regularly lost money, including as an owner of a casino, which I didn’t think was possible. He short-changed contractors, treated his employees badly, and has declared bankruptcy six times. He had a ghost writer pen a book titled “Art of the Deal” to showcase his alleged ability to negotiate deals — and yet he’s actively bad at negotiating deals, both in business and in politics. Perhaps the only thing he’s been successful at is being a reality star and con man (remember Trump University).

But since the benchmark here is “redeeming quality,” he gets no points for that.

Then there is the fact that he is corrupt, a serial law-breaker, and is actively profiting from his presidency. According to the Mueller report, he has repeatedly and brazenly broken the law — including obstructing justice on 10 separate occasions. Before he was president, he engaged in a scheme to avoid paying his taxes and is possibly guilty of committing tax fraud. We know that he engaged in a conspiracy to subvert campaign finance laws during the 2016 campaign.

To be sure, there are other disreputable public figures in American political life. I was no fan of the 43rd president, George W. Bush. But at least one could say that he appeared to be a good father and his wife seemed to like him (also his AIDS initiative saved millions of lives).

Not the case with Trump. His kids are as morally deficient as he is. The only adult exception appears to be his daughter Tiffany, who, not surprisingly, was largely raised by her mother. His wife Melania doesn’t appear to be a big fan either — which is not surprising since he cheated on her with a porn actress, just as he cheated on his first two wives.

From all appearances, Trump doesn’t have any actual friends.
At the 2016 Republican National Convention his family members gave speeches speaking approvingly of him. They spoke of what a good and caring person he was and yet they could not point to any specific anecdotes highlighting those qualities.

The one positive thing I can remember about Trump is a January 2016 Republican debate in which he criticized Ted Cruz for attacking his “New York values” by pointing to the city’s response to the 9/11 attacks. And then this week, Trump claimed falsely that he was at Ground Zero after 9/11 and compared himself to a first responder. So no points for that.

This is far from a complete list. Trump’s list of iniquities could go on for thousands of more words. But as far as coming up with a positive attribute: That page is and will remain blank. Somehow, in a country of 320 million people, the American electorate found a way to elect one of our singularly worst citizens as president.

Michael A. Cohen’s column appears regularly in the Globe.


Trump laughs after audience member suggests shooting migrants

And so do all of his supporters. They not only laugh, they cheer and applaud.

And that brings us to today.


One word: Sociopath.

A backlash is building over a picture posted by Melania Trump on Twitter that showed her and Donald Trump smiling broadly while holding a baby who was orphaned in the mass shooting in El Paso.

The orphaned child, named Paul, had been brought back to the hospital – reportedly at the request of White House during the visit by the Trumps on Wednesday. The baby’s uncle, standing next to Donald Trump, is reportedly a Trump supporter, as was the deceased father.

The baby was injured, breaking his fingers, in the shooting, after his mother died trying to protect him and her body fell on him. His father had dived to try to shield her as bullets flew.

condemnation of the picture – which was circulated by Melania Trump and not the family – was swift. White House aides had not allowed media into the hospital during the visit, saying it was “not a photo op”.

The president did not meet any of the eight survivors still recovering in hospital. Three were unable because they are in too poor a condition, or do not speak English, according to the hospital. Five declined the offer.

Doctors at the Del Sol medical center in El Paso, where some of the survivors are still being treated, later said the president appeared to “lack empathy” after he boasted during the visit that he drew a larger crowd at a January rally in the city than one held by “crazy” Beto O’Rourke.

By Friday, Trump’s own aides appeared to concede that his twin visits did not go as planned.

According to CNN, Trump lashed out at his aides for keeping the cameras away from him, and complained that he wasn’t receiving enough credit after officials blocked reporters and their cameras from entering the two hospitals. White House staff later put out a promotional video of the visits.

More sociopathic behavior:

  • Immediately following his Dayton hospital visit, Trump tweeted out a slick montage, set to driving music, that was all about him – the victims are just “filler” in this video – all you really see is Trump’s face surrounded by fans wildly praising him. This has nothing to do with empathy or compassion and has everything to do with ego and power. See it for yourself below (I refuse to amplify Trump’s tweets so this is a copy of the video shown by Jimmy Kimmel – only copy I could find – BTW, Kimmel’s laughing, but I’m just shaking my head).

  • And during his El Paso hospital visit Trump crowed about his rally crowd size compared to “crazy Beto’s.” Also shown in the link below.

And finally there’s this photo that really says it all:


Can not disagree with that sentiment…enough already.


:mans_shoe: :door:


Yes…there is a creepshow in there.


See the President unravel…yes we’ve been aware of this for a long time. Powerful Op-Ed on T.

Uh-oh. President Trump is in such a state of panic about his dimming reelection prospects that he’s getting his lies mixed up and occasionally blurting out the truth.

“It’s tough for Apple to pay tariffs if it’s competing with a very good company [Samsung] that’s not,” the president told reporters Sunday — flatly contradicting the ridiculous and utterly false narrative that he has spent months trying to sell. Trump apparently forgot his standard lie that China is somehow paying “billions of dollars” in tariffs, acknowledging instead that they are taxes paid by U.S. companies and, ultimately, the American consumer.

This reflects more than just the difficulty of juggling multiple lies. Evidence suggests that Trump is melting down. Again.


Yes, it’s official: The President has now progressed from word salads to word smoothies. He’s not just chopping up his sentences; he’s blenderizing them. Here’s his latest “explanation” of his healthcare “plan”:



He’s getting worse, watch this presser in which he says crazy shit about many things and then at one point (16:40) declares himself the “chosen one”.

As he departed the White House for a veterans event in Kentucky, President Trump made remarks about gun background checks, the response of Denmark’s prime minister to the notion of the U.S. purchase of Greenland, and other topics.

Here’s Daniel Dale’s fact check on CNN

Day 943


At the event in Louisville, Kentucky, Trump singled out for praise WWII veteran and Medal of Honor recipient Woody Williams.

“Thank you, Woody. You’re looking good, Woody. Woody’s looking good,” Trump said.

“That was a big day, Medal of Honor. Nothing like the Medal of Honor,” he continued. “I wanted one, but they told me I don’t qualify, Woody. I said, ‘Can I give it to myself anyway?’ They said, ‘I don’t think that’s a good idea.’”

Amid scattered chuckles, Trump concluded: “Great, great people. These are great, great men and women that get congressional Medal of Honor. Thank you, Woody.”

The president’s assessment that he should receive the nation’s highest award for acts of military valor followed his statement earlier Wednesday afternoon that he is “the chosen one” in relation to his administration’s trade conflict with China — a proclamation he turned to the sky to deliver.


See T lashing out…correlates to world view of T’s USA. His idiocy has been felt and registered.


And again, more norm-busting…click to see Daily News Covers - T and The Last Supper.


President Trump lashed out at China in a series of tweets, saying U.S. companies were “hereby ordered” to start looking for an alternative to China.

Trump said he would respond later Friday to China’s announcement of new tariffs on U.S. goods.

Trump said China hadn’t followed through on an agreement to stop illicit fentanyl shipments and said he was ordering FedEx , Amazon, UPS and others to search for fentanyl in shipments from China.

#iherebyorder is now a thing. :tickets::circus_tent::man_juggling:t2:


In sixty seconds Brianna Keilar catalogs Trumps bizarre behavior over the past 24 hours. And that doesn’t even include his recent Crazytown thread on his tariff war that @Windthin, @Pet_Proletariat, and @dragonfly9 are talking about on Day 945.

And here’s a spot-on accounting from Eugene Robinson of the WaPo on how Trump keeps amping up his unhinged rants.

His initial point about how no one has even seen Trump’s current Press Secretary is especially telling. WTF? She’s been in the position for two months and hasn’t shown her face once – her entire job is to inform the public about what the Administration is doing – but now all we hear is Trump himself spewing insults, disinformation, and downright nonsense – at least whenever he takes a break from bragging.

The flood of bizarre pronouncements and behavior from President Trump is likely to get worse, I fear. He is now completely unfiltered — and, apparently, increasingly untethered to reality.

Quick, can you name the White House press secretary? Do you have any idea what she looks or sounds like? Stephanie Grisham has held that job for nearly two months now, but if her name doesn’t ring any bells, it’s because she hasn’t yet given a single official press briefing. Trump has foolishly decided to act as his own exclusive spokesman, putting all his prejudices, misconceptions, resentments, insecurities, grudges and fears on ugly display.

The result is what we witnessed Wednesday on the White House lawn. On his way to the waiting Marine One chopper, Trump paused and took questions from reporters for 35 minutes, unfazed by the midday 89-degree heat and smothering humidity. He made much news and little sense.

When he looked to the sky and proclaimed that “I am the chosen one,” he was clearly referring to his trade war with China. But you had to wonder whether his egomania, which we’re accustomed to, might have blossomed into full-scale delusions of grandeur.

Again and again, he tried desperately to compare himself favorably with his predecessor, Barack Obama. He did so by telling ridiculous lies that are easily disproved by the historical record — no, Obama didn’t institute the cruel policy of separating thousands of migrant families at the border, Trump did; no, Obama wasn’t denied permission to land Air Force One in the Philippines. You had to wonder whether Trump, who was the loudest voice in the racist “birther” movement, might have some kind of obsession with Obama and his continuing popularity around the world.

Trump said he canceled his planned state visit to Denmark because the Danish prime minister was “nasty” in calling Trump’s desire to purchase Greenland “absurd.” It is absurd, of course, but leave that aside. It happens that Obama is scheduled to visit Denmark in September. Might Trump have feared that he would be met with protests and then have to watch Obama bask in the adulation of much bigger crowds?

We also heard Trump repeat and amplify his offensive claim that American Jews who vote for Democrats are being “disloyal” to Israel. The notion of dual loyalty is a vile anti-Semitic trope that goes back centuries. Does Trump think dredging it up somehow helps him politically? Or is it one of a host of deep-seated ethnic and racial stereotypes that he now blurts out because no one is empowered to stop him?

If the president seems to be spiraling out of control, it’s no doubt because he’s frantically worried about losing his bid for reelection — but also because the insulation that once surrounded him has been stripped bare.

Insider accounts of the Trump White House have spoken of the rages, obsessions, fixations and biases that spill out of the president behind closed doors. But there were officials in place who could temper his rashest impulses. When he was chief of staff, John F. Kelly even managed to establish some measure of control over the flow of information to and from the president — a necessity for any administration to be able to set priorities and follow through on them.

But Kelly is gone, along with everyone else who had the stature, experience and courage to at least try to make this mess into a functional presidency. The information flow? Now it’s whatever Trump watches on Fox News — or hate-watches on CNN or MSNBC — and immediately tweets about.

Trump’s most influential remaining adviser is Stephen Miller, the anti-immigration zealot who survives by applauding and reinforcing Trump’s worst instincts. When Trump said Wednesday the administration wants to end birthright citizenship (which the Constitution guarantees), everyone could guess where that was coming from.

Cabinet members are like the guy in the parade who walks behind the elephant with a broom and dustpan. After Trump abruptly canceled his trip to Denmark, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo hurried to offer words of reassurance to the Danish foreign minister. Acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, a strident budget hawk his entire career, has apparently just given up as the deficit soars toward $1 trillion.

The nation and the world need a competent, capable White House but won’t have one anytime soon. Instead, we’ve got a teetotaling president who sounds like the angry guy at the end of the bar, mouthing off about whatever he sees when he looks up at the television. Closing time can’t come fast enough.


Yup…he is in super ‘unhinged mode’…and have been listening to all the MSNBC pundits, including Robinson talk about the freakish nature of it all.

Good recapping of all this Tweet slop.

Calling all R’s - WTF are you doing???

Seems like Fed Chair Powell knows to calm things down.


And more questioning of T’s grasp on reality right now.

(M A Croft) #240

Even my conservative voting relatives here in NZ have had enough. You would struggle to find one person in this country who approved of T.