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Yes - all of it, a take down from GOP Political strategist and author “Everything Trump Touches Dies” And it is generating a ton of hate mail…hit a chord obviously.

…best line “Because what’s happening now left normal five towns back

It’s almost as if we need a recalibration of the insanity of the Trump era, a new set of definitions about what comprises normal presidential behavior.

Because what’s happening now left normal five towns back, stopped for smokes and brown liquor, and tossed the GPS out the window. This week wasn’t normal, and no amount of whistling past the graveyard will make it any different.

Donald Trump’s affect, speech patterns and overall delivery this week have been alternately horrifying and hilarious. A combination of waking hallucinations, verbal tics, lies surpassing even his usual fabulist standard, aphasias and lunatic blurtings, each public utterance was a moment where the eye of his aides either popped or rolled, depending on their level of cynicism.

His, um, creative pronunciations of common words, mayfly attention to the most ephemeral ideas and high-tempo tweeting left people wondering if a heapin’ helpin’ of large-animal tranquilizer might be in order with the next round of KFC.

This week wasn’t just the usual Trump performance art; it was a new, strange and somewhat frightening level of antic. Even his allies whispered to reporters that perhaps the stress brought on by the prospect of an economic downturn was getting to him. With no adult supervision in the White House left — and no, Ivanka doesn’t count — this is a man on the edge, and there is absolutely nothing and no one to stop him.

When I pressed a senior congressional Republican this week on Trump’s behavior, asking him to tell me anyone who could influence the man, he whispered, “Hannity?”

It was a question, not an answer, and because the answer is absolutely terrifying, no elected Republican wants to admit the truth. What we’re seeing is the real Trump, the unfiltered maniac, not the man who is occasionally chained to a teleprompter and forced to read Kellyanne Conway’s work product aloud.

His sweaty, heavy-breathing press sprays on the White House lawn left reporters in a state of stunned silence, the spittle-flecked rantings of a man determined to machine-gun out a hundred ideas in the time a rational person would discuss two.


Watch this member of Denmark’s Parliament school T on effective wind energy… She is outright mocking him. :boom:


Caption this


“Don’t let this kissy kiss make you forget that I’m the sizzle part of this two-headed viper.”


And there’s this…


And the hits just keep coming…there is unfortunately real truth to the thought that he was elected to those who wanted him to be their salvstion, despite all the easy-to-see flaws, and chicanery that went into his win.

Believers don’t need much evidence to dissuade them.

Trump’s supporters compare him to Jesus when they should compare him to L. Ron Hubbard, a malignant narcissist and the founder of the Church of Scientology who, like Trump, allegedly didn’t pay his taxes. But even this comparison is inexact. Hubbard, a prolific science-fiction writer, started a religion by design, supposedly as a way to get rich, whereas Trump became a cult leader haphazardly, when he ran for president and accidentally won. Trump’s previous experience consisted of multiple failures, in business and in marriage, but he managed to con a party and then a nation into electing him. “Failure in the management of practical affairs seems to be a qualification for success in the management of public affairs,” Eric Hoffer wrote in The True Believer .

Belief often requires a multitude of unbeliefs. If you believe Trump, you cannot believe anyone else. Trump put this explicitly last year when he admonished his followers, "Just stick with us. Don’t believe the crap you see from these people — the fake news … Just remember: What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening."


“Ooooh… Dahlink, you be best!”


From Jon Favreau’s wfe (Pod Save America)


Neil Cavuto of Fox tells T what he thinks…and it is to the point.


President as provoker-in-chief

Who could have taken the picture of this missile base that appears to be from a smart phone aswell as from a classified source?

Retired General McCaffrey

From Andrea Mitchell, nbc


While researching the Turnberry scandal, the latest revelation of Trump’s corruption, I came across this Esquire exposé from June that is now more relevant than ever. I would call this a must read. The level of criminality is just astounding. How is Trump still President and how is he not in jail?


A S T O U N D I N G is correct. Great find that article - recapping by country the influencers and grifting going on.

WTF-ery for sure. :astonished:

It increasingly appears the President of the United States has business holdings all over the world that are drowning in shady money. The president made an absurd show of divesting from those business holdings with that press conference and the Manila Folders Definitely Not Full of Blank Pages that he wouldn’t let reporters examine, but is there any reason to believe him when he lies about anything and everything else? After all, he and his spawn promised the Trump Organization would make no new foreign deals after he took office. Lie. They pledged to donate all profits from the Organization’s business with foreign governments, but according to Massoglia of OpenSecrets, there is ample reason to believe they’ve given far below what they owe.


This might go under 2020 Election but i had 3 posts…but this is pretty cool. A stockpile of oppo research on T by State.

The DNC research team has mined thousands of lawsuits from nearly 50 states as part of a massive new trove on President Trump that will be weaponized through pols and reporters in key battlegrounds.

Why it matters: This new plan shows what Democrats think Trump’s biggest vulnerabilities will be. And unlike in 2016, Trump now has a policy record.

Details: The research includes roughly 7,000 lawsuits, as well an extensive document detailing every time then-candidate Trump told supporters at his 2016 campaign rallies that Mexico would pay for the wall.

  • A source familiar said this document will likely find its way to local reporters, groups and Democrats in battleground states as Trump diverts funds from the military to pay for his border wall.
  • The DNC has examples of what farmers and truckers say they feel about Trump’s tariffs, the way he’s “trashed American wheat,” and how the GOP tax law hurt truckers.
  • They’ve combed through local news articles and monitored local cable interviews with residents in states like Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Arizona, Colorado, Florida and Texas to find these folks who are being hurt by Trump’s policies.
  • And they’ve already filed “thousands” of Freedom of Information Act requests to get even more info on the president.

The big picture: Using Trump’s specific actions and broken promises is how DNC chairman Tom Perez is advising party officials and surrogates to define him in states he won in 2016 that they think are crucial to their 2020 election efforts.

At a meeting last week with about 20 Democratic operatives and strategists, Perez said the plan is to “make it about [Trump’s] performance as president, not his bigotry or awfulness,” according to one source in the room. “Prosecute the case that he is bad at his job and it is hurting people in real ways.”

  • Democrats can point to “so many ways his actual policies have really hurt people or how he’s been ineffective in fulfilling his promises,” said one Democrat familiar with the DNC’s plans to define Trump in 2020.
  • "Let’s say he goes to Youngstown, Ohio. We have everything he said, what he promised in 2016 to that community — maybe it’s ‘that bridge will be fixed’ — then we’ll show what’s actually happened since."

Go deeper: Trump allies raise money to target reporters at top media outlets


John Bolton is often cited as the architect of the war in Iraq, a war Trump says he opposed. Makes me wonder if Trump understands what he’s doubling down here with this weird hardline brag tweet. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Trump blamed energy-saving bulbs for making him look orange. Experts say probably not. :nail_care:

Tamzin Smith, a portrait photographer in Rockville, Md., pointed out that Trump’s orange complexion is visible even when he is photographed against white backgrounds. If bulbs were responsible for casting a warm glow, anything white in a photo of the president — including the background, a white shirt, or even his teeth — should also be orange.

“You can see that even when his teeth are white, his skin is orangey-red,” Smith said. “It’s definitely not the lighting.

The president’s skin tone, said makeup artist Jason Kelly, is more likely the result of artificial tanning and an overapplication of bronzer, a type of powder or cream designed to give a tanned look.

Kelly, 45, was the official makeup artist for the Republican National Convention held in Cleveland in 2016. When then-candidate Trump came into the makeup room, he already had his hair and makeup done, Kelly said, and was sporting a thick layer of bronzer. Kelly applied a layer of loose powder on Trump, but according to the makeup artist, Trump “came in, and he said he thinks he already looks pretty good.”

According to the New York Times, aides close to the president have reported similar experiences: Trump tends to prefer to do his makeup in private.

Kelly said it is generally recognized among makeup artists that Trump’s application of bronzer is atypical. “When I see him, I see a line of oxidized bronzer around his hairline,” Kelly said. “The application is like a kindergartner did it.


It is a perfect example of his Trumpsplaining his artifice and NEVER COPPING to any shortcoming.

Such a child. Idiot. Member of the Orangutan Family.


There - as black-and-white example of his twisted mind.



Unprecedented that a former President and spouse do tell it in real time. Thank you.

Former President Jimmy Carter took aim at President Donald Trump on Tuesday night, calling him “a disaster.”

Carter’s wife, Rosalynn, also criticized Trump, saying he has encouraged racism.


(see photo - cash coming out of his back pocket)


Desperation much?

BTW, who is he quoting?


They are beholden to the power and the money…damn the corruption.

From LA Times writer

Chris Megerian on Twitter: "What is the Republican platform these days? Here’s how one senior Senate Republican aide described it to us.… "