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What is he thinking? A draft dodger leading a Veterans Day Parade? I thought this was a piece from The Onion, but yes, it is true. You can’t make this stuff up.

Donald Trump will finally get his wish when he kicks off the 100th annual Veterans Day parade in New York City on Monday. Before he became president, Trump donated huge sums of money to the veterans group that organizes the annual parade in hopes he would be named grand marshal—which the New York Post reports never happened. The president and first lady are expected to kick off the event and lay a wreath at the Eternal Light Memorial at Madison Square Park. “The president has been great supporter of our veterans and indeed this parade here in New York City for more than 25 years,” said Bill White, 2019 Veteran’s Day Parade co-producer. “What he is doing now as president with regard to veterans choice, funding our military, and holding them and their families in the highest regard is truly extraordinary. He is loved by our veterans for sure.” Trump has been booed several times as he’s made public appearances in recent weeks, including at a pro-wrestling event and a World Series game.


Just sayin’…gives me the hives thinking about it, but he and his supporters ARE in the danger zone.

I believe T is gonna see some hate…bigly. :exploding_head:

The Veterans Day Parade begins on Fifth Avenue at 23rd Street, and continues north along Fifth Avenue to 56th Street.


Yup…vindictive, bullying, petty…that’s the Trump way. Their dead-in-the-eye approach to every problem is payback- “We’re up, You’re down…” “We will get back at you, always.”

Oh, there is no mercy with these folks.


(David Bythewood) #285

That really is who Trump is. He’s obsessed with revenge.

Trump gave this is as his number one piece of advice at the National Achievers Congress in Sydney: “Get even with people. If they screw you, screw them back 10 times as hard. I really believe it.”

I never forget that, deep down, this is who he is, and it motivates everything he does. Anybody who ever crossed him is on a list, and he takes petty delight in destroying them. And that’s why Trumpites adore him. He speaks to their darkest desires of revenge and payback.


The lying numbers (false claims) are staggering…it is almost as if (and it is) T makes it up as he goes.

President Donald Trump made 67 false claims last week, 27 of them related to Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

This was the sixth consecutive week in which Trump made more false claims about impeachment or Ukraine than about any other subject.

Trump’s three most frequent false claims of the week were all impeachment-related. He said seven times that the whistleblower has disappeared (there is no evidence of this), four times that the whistleblower’s complaint was inaccurate (it has proven highly accurate), and four times that the Washington Post fabricated its sources for an article about how Trump had reportedly tried to get Attorney General William Barr to hold a news conference declaring he had committed no crimes in his July call with Ukraine’s president (there is no evidence the Post invented any sources; other news outlets, including CNN, quickly followed the Post scoop with similar reports).

Trump has made 1,202 false claims in the 18 weeks we have been fact checking him at CNN, about 10 false claims per day. Last week’s total of 67 false claims was his eighth-highest weekly total.