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Be prepared for a change of topic…
…especially if it involves old enemies and old friends…
…and expect him to be blunt…
…to the point of abruptness.
He can be persuaded to change his mind…
…especially if it is tactfully done…
…and he can take frankness.
Sometimes delaying works best…
… but he can also get exasperated…
…and arguments are rarely final.
He is happy to play tour guide…
…even if the seating arrangement is tricky.
He can be courteous with Republicans…
…and Democrats…
…and isn’t beyond using chocolate to win someone over.
But he has a short fuse…
…and sorry can be the hardest word.
And finally…
Trump will point out arcane features of a golf course during the rounds, noting “which trees have died and which trees to cut down and what greens are struggling with what fungus.”

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Such deal making!

The really scary thing is that R’s have proven time and time again that even without a coherent agenda, they will simply go along with whatever his whims are for the moment.

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“He cheats like hell…So I don’t quite know how he is in business. They say that if you cheat at golf, you cheat at business.”

Suzann Pettersen, a 15-time LPGA Tour winner and Trump fan

Just a lovely anecdote to add to the full picture of who Trump really is. :smirk:


UPDATE: Pettersen pushed back against the Verdens Gang story in a tweet on Tuesday, calling it “#fakenews”.

lmfaooooooo I saw the headline and was just about to type, “wait this is coming from a drumpf FAN??” but then I got to the update and now I am just peeing my pants laughing at ALL OF THIS.


The New York Times found that the person complimented the most on Trump’s twitter feed was… himself.

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Trump apparently engaged in another extramarital affair before he was elected, this time with former Playmate of the Year, Karen McDougal. Trump also allegedly took elaborate steps to cover his tracks and prevent McDougal from speaking out about the alleged affair. The New Yorker obtained an eight-page, handwritten note from McDougal’s friend, in which McDougal details her relationship with Trump.


This serial behavior may make Trump susceptible to blackmail. A huge risk to national security. Only time will tell, tho. :woman_facepalming:t2:

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For sure. I’m keeping this out the Daily Update for now since it’s conjecture, but the picture is pretty clear if you follow the setup to the logical conclusion


Put a pin in this story for sure.


The New York Times followed up today claiming $150,000 payment to the former Playboy Model was first reported by The Wall Street Journal just before the 2016 election.

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Pretty solid review of Trump’s absurd tweetstorm this weekend:


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Also this:

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But wait, there’s more…

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Re: 55 Ways Trump Has Changed America - This is really important because so much of the media attention goes to Trump’s wing/tongue flapping over tempests in teapots - which has turned into routine noise. Yes, he’s a womanizer, yes he’s rude, and meanwhile, government agencies/functions have been gutted, paralyzed, eliminated, and the court appointments go on.

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There’s a far simpler explanation I’ve been flipping over and over again since the primaries:

Trump is a sociopath. Not a psychopath. A pure sociopath with an autism spectrum disorder.

This link here really helped elucidate what that means in a practical (non-clinical) sense, because, yes, HIPAA laws require an individual to consent to controlled clinical observation before a doctor can give an official diagnosis. We already know the lengths with which he will go to avoid a sincere medical diagnosis, especially in regards to mental health, but enough professionals have martyred their own reputations to offer humble opinions based on Lifelong Learning Theory that we can piece together the puzzle and use our own “executive functions” to pick this torn from our nation’s heel.

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This is a fun juxtaposition


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