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👑 Portrait of a President



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How Donald Trump Sees the World…

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Trump Bingo: Fired, Resigned or Charged…

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I fucking love this thread. Can’t wait to see how outrageous this becomes. Keep calm, and share on.


Thanks I’ve got a million of them! And can make more.


I was going to post this one! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This is a great thread!


@seabass YASS I was thinking of this very thing, thank you for starting it! I’ll be here with bal…er, bells on lol.

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OMG! That’s not Eric’s name! HAHAHAHA

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Pure Gold. :star:️:star:️


Pauly Shore as Stephen Miller.


My cake says reclaiming my time :joy_cat:

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I was just about to post that video :smile: Tina Fey did an amazing job! :+1:

Here’s the Weekend Update video from Saturday Night Live’s Official YouTube channel:


I am seeing a bit of pushback that it was tone deaf and privileged to say eat cake and ignore racism, but dude of course we’re not going to really do that, it’s just funny to see our despair personified in a way that makes us laugh ffs.


My roommate is on the “it was insensitive” side of the fence, and I get it. I can see off the bat that it’s sardonic, but not everyone has that kind of sense of humor, or a sense of humor about this at all, and it does come off as dismissive.