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I feel like people need to really look at the whole picture and see that it’s 1) satire, 2) it’s commentary on racism and privilege. The infamous “let them eat cake” quote…plus her interactions with Michael Che (who also joined in the cake eating).


I feel like Tina Fey was having her cake and eating too. She went on national television and the web to call the alt-right “worthless turds” while nearly binge/comfort eating nearly an entire sheet cake. Tina Fey will recive death threats from this piece, no question, regardless of the perceived naivety over promoting eating cake instead of protesting. What she did was spot on, an outstanding piece of satire and very, very brave.


@mouseam your guy was on TDS last night, thought I’d post the interview :blush:

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I heard!! I haven’t watched yet tho!


I can’t find this video outside of social media but it’s brilliant!! Alex Jones tries to talk to the people of Seattle and all he gets is coffee in his face!


I literally can not tell if this is satire…:unamused:


The source of the remark is Breitbart, so probably not.

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Well that’s absurd; if anything, Gorka is part of the Imperial Dark Side, not the Rebel Alliance! Gah, that assertion is his most egregious offense yet!

Not to mention the alt-right and white supremacists consider Star Wars’ themes to be “anti-white social engineering” :roll_eyes:

Rebellions are built on hope! :wink:


I know right?! They’ve got to be kidding, lol! The Alt-Right think they are the actually the rebels in this odd ball Star Wars fantasy reference? Weird because the Empire is a mostly human and mostly white male supremacy group that literally called it’s soldiers stormtroopers. You’d think it’d pretty clear which side this story the Alt-Right is actually on. :joy::joy::joy:


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Because Trump’s lawyer just got a lawyer… No, not Cohen. Trump’s other lawyer, McGahn.

And in case you missed Kushner’s Harvard Admissions essay published last week :wink:



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I just stumbled upon this Twitter account today: @TheGoodGodAbove and I’m dying. :joy:


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This is 1/2 actual article and 1/2 hysterical. Grassley is always amusing on Twitter, but seeing the tweets laid out as the article did, I was literally LOLing (walking down the hallway at work, nonetheless).

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If you need a good laugh, check out Ted Cruz’s likes on Twitter right now. I’d post a screenshot, but it’s NSFW. :joy::joy::joy:


lmao just followed good ole Chuck on twitter right now, this was hilarious.



Well this twitter feed is pretty amusing, I was convinced it was a parody account (I mean, no way would the mooch have an actual relatable sense of humor or statement-follow Colin kaepernick??) until I saw some articles–linking this one bc it’s the first one @scaramuccipost posted.

lol the title :joy_cat:

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OMG…The Scaramucci Post has been popping in my Twitter feed over the past week. I can’t help but laugh, but like…what. is it.?! haha.

The best was from Orrin Hatch’s Comms Director –