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President's Day Sale?

I think it would be interesting to see how many former President’s would have taken President’s Day off to go golfing? This fellow was so obnoxious about President Obama’s golf trips, said he wouldn’t be golfing, but there he is. I guess the school shooting just a few miles north of his palace put a crimp in his plans because golfing the very next day wouldn’t look good, but what is he doing all day anyway? Tweeting and pool side? Sounds like vacation to me.

And the fact that his wares are being sold at 30% off as a President’s Day Sale to fund the campaign for the current President, that’s so bizarre. Almost approaches the level of macabre, doesn’t it?

And blaming everyone but the Russians for the obvious hacking of our electoral process. Mr. Dough Boy obviously doesn’t care much for American Democracy, it’s solely about WINNING.

I truly hope that this farce of a presidency will end soon. Doesn’t matter how, it just needs to be stopped, I don’t believe we can continue like this for another 35 months.

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Hey, do you have a link to this? I wanna see.

Well it matters to me! I’m hoping for a big ass bolt of lightning…pretty please???

That would be Divine Justice, but I also would relish myocardial infarction. That would be the ultimate irony because it would refute all logic to be faced with the reality that he had a heart at all…

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If there is any other way that this…“person” could be more gross and vulgar, I would be astonished. If ANY sitting president, not just President Obama, had done ANY of this nonsense, there would be outcries of Street Justice and immediate Impeachment from ALL sides. So here’s a theory…what if American Capitalism prevents us(as a country) from admitting that this disgusting monster is what all of us(as an opposition community) knows that he is? Because he is the “Idea” of a “success.” Which, tbh, is that born-on-third-base-thinking-you-hit-a-triple mentality that America venerates and aspires to. These ideas are crippling our Middle Class, literally killing our working class, and setting the country up for severe hardships now and perpetually until the system is fixed.

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That’s a great analogy! Here’s the way I see it, after reading tons of bullshit on other website’s comments section. There is a certain subset of the 'Merican population that truly feels it’s been wronged. Despite the fact, that they too had oodles of opportunity, having been lucky enough to have been born at the right time in the right place, they are still not living the American Dream. So they blame colored people or Liberals for their plight, even though it was most likely due to their laziness (the born on third base mentality as you mentioned) or even quite possibly owing to their belief that things like union jobs and fair wages are the enemy. Then you throw in guns and abortions and how they was raised to only feel Angry at people who don’t think like they do, and you have the Republican Party in a nutshell. And speaking of nuts, the folks who walk the halls of Congress have no moral compass as well, it seems that they are favoring their nutty party politics over the good of the country. I may be naive, but I think back in the Kennedy / Nixon era, you still had inclusive politics. One side didn’t shut themselves in a room and make laws and pronouncements without even involving the other side in the discussion. This is wrong too. And the money, oh Lord, the money. And their’s zero chance that either side is going to turn the money away, so once elections are done, no matter what side wins, there’s going to be corporations (or just rich folks) who are going to persuade those in power to accommodate their wishes. Oh, but I’m off topic again. Trump has got to go, I’ll take ass kissing Mitt Romney or maybe even Newt Gingrich over the Trump/Pence/Ryan trifecta. The problem is not that hard to solve, but the folks with all the money don’t want equality of all, or, apparently, even a threat from a rising middle class.

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It’s the NY Post, which I think is legit…

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I’ve been noticing more TV ads for “trumpy-bear” too, gag! :nauseated_face: Also I’ve gotten several requests for support in the mail recently, of all the f’ing nerve! :astonished: Must be running out of funds, poor thing.


Hahahhaha, thanks I needed a good laugh. :joy: