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Priebus Out. Trump names Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly as White House chief of Staff

aye carumba!

I feel like I need to study the Nixon presidency in depth, in order to know what’s coming next…

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I don’t know much about Kelly but the vague impression I have is that I should be very worried about him, altho I think that’s really true of anyone drumpf likes. Why did the advisers push back on him exactly? How does he not have his pulse on the nationalistic agenda if he was gung-ho on enforcing the travel ban? (No shittiness in my mental tone there, genuinely curious and uninformed.) Any word on his replacement? I have that constant throb of anxiety knowing it will be bad but also so numb I won’t be surprised at the level of fuckery it will all reach.

On one hand he’s bad. On the other the administration always seems to be eating itself alive, and I feel like I’ll never know how long a terrible appointment is actually going to last or what they’ll be able to accomplish before they go.