Pruitt - in or out?


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Yes, let’s let that now turned around Trey Gowdy get at him, prosecutor-style and really get real with Pruitt’s malfeasance. Trey supposedly is no longer gunning for a Federal Judge position…but let’s hope he never utters “Benghazi” again.

But what in the world will make the R’s stand up to this ultimate on the make Pruitt? Certainly moral outrage is not enough, as they are all ‘winning’ with him in EPA.

Someone feed them some truth serum please.


See #BigShotIsm or #I’mTheMan for Pruitt…wants to promote himself via Pruitt coins, etc.

"When Scott Pruitt wanted to refashion the Environmental Protection Agency’s “challenge coin” — a type of souvenir medallion with military origins that has become a status symbol among civilians — he proposed an unusual design: Make it bigger, and delete the E.P.A. logo."

"Mr. Pruitt instead wanted the coin to feature some combination of symbols more reflective of himself and the Trump administration. Among the possibilities: a buffalo, to evoke Mr. Pruitt’s home state, Oklahoma, and a Bible verse to reflect his faith. "

"Mr. Slotkin said that during the design discussion, in which he participated, Mr. Pruitt wanted to remove “anything to do with E.P.A.” The changes, he said, would have turned it into a “Pruitt coin.”


GAO says Phone booth violated spending laws.

Now what?


I guess Trey Gowdy finally got tired of going after Hillary.


Didn’t he revisit the Benghazi issue at least 7 separate times…?


Interviews with Gowdy I’ve heard since he decided not to seek re-election have sounded much more sane, he sounded like a different person.


This is un-f…k…g believable. WTF does he need with a sound proof phone booth?


@SEPTGUY I agree…it is like night and day what Gowdy sounds like, after he said he’d no longer be seeking his Congressional seat.


@SEPTGUY The only logical thing would be in my estimation would be that Pruitt could protect himself (CYA-cover your ass) when it came down to making deals with those who he favors, ie the Carl Icahns, Koch Brothers etc. We already know he’d made a trip to Morocco so that he could sell natural gas for Cheniere Energy (Carl Icahn). For all Pruitt’s special clientele, he needs to keep his conversations tamper proofed.


Good point on the phone calls and the sound proof booth.


One former EPA official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity out of fear of retaliation, said that Pruitt remarked that he wanted the larger car because it was similar to ones in which some other Cabinet officials rode. The first year’s lease of the vehicle cost $10,200, according to federal contracting records. [The emphasis is mine.]

This fits the pattern of Pruitt using “security” as an excuse to upgrade his government perks from “standard” to “luxury,” not only to enhance his comfort at taxpayers’ expense, but also to bolster his status, in keeping with his grandiose political ambitions.


If this were an isolated incident, the EPA’s Office of Inspector General could understandably let it slide, but it is far from isolated and should be added to the long list of other corrupt practices that Pruitt has engaged in. An ethics lawyer quoted in the piece puts it this way:

The $409 hotel room “might be the least of his problems, but it’s emblematic of all his problems,” said Virginia Canter, an ethics lawyer for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a nonprofit watchdog group.

“It’s one thing when a head of an agency or senior official is engaged in legitimate outreach,” Canter added. “But to give a speech, accept a benefit of overnight lodging, then a few weeks later instruct your staff that these are your clients strikes me as inappropriate. At a minimum it raises an appearance issue.”


Everywhere you look more self-rewarding largesse…cars, hotels, phone booths, commemorative coins.

Motivated by such status seeking - #BigF&&kingDeal, #LookAtMe, #TrumpAspirant


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Oh that’s hilarious! Thanks for that laugh, Keaton!

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Clearly needs a sound-proof phone booth to carry on all sorts of illegal & unethical dealings, what else?
I would support the expense if it’s made of cement & the door only opens inward & locks permanently once the booth is occupied. :smirk:


He must be rather paranoid about something. Maybe it’s the non-existent Russians trying to receive electronic signals or low level voice vibrations?


Hey now…somebody with a conscious just woke up…R’s standing up to Pruitt

Tweet @ericliptonnyt

Four GOP Senators and 10 GOP House lawmakers sign letters to EPA’s Pruitt urging him not to move ahead with loophole allowing “super polluting” trucks. So these GOP members now lined up w American Lung Association, enviros, others in opposing this move pushed by major $$ donor


J. Steven Hart, the energy lobbyist whose wife “rented” their condo to Pruitt for $50/night, has resigned – now it’s time for Pruitt to resign.


Another day, another scandal for Scott Pruitt.


Never changes his stripes…likes shiny, showy, pretty things and will work it to get it.

"During his eight years as a Republican state senator, Mr. Pruitt also upgraded his family residence in suburban Tulsa from a small ranch-style home to a lakefront property in a gated community. In addition, he bought a sizable stake in a minor league baseball team, and took a second job at Mr. Wagner’s corporate law firm. Mr. Kelly’s bank, SpiritBank, would be there for much of it — providing financing for Mr. Pruitt’s Tulsa home and his stake in the baseball team, as well as the mortgage for the Oklahoma City house."

Mr. Pruitt’s interactions with SBC also show that his blurring of lines with lobbyists has roots in his Oklahoma years. "