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Pruitt - in or out?

Pruitt is still standing, but a few R’s have called him out on his ethically challenged choice of $50 @ night housing (Fla Rep Carlos Curbelo and Rep Ros-Lehtinen FL along with Rep Lowenthal CA, Rep Beyer VA Rep Blumenauer R-OR)

But looks like it is a steep climb to get rid of him. Trump ‘has his back’


Today I learned that HRH trump is “thinking” about replacing Sessions with Pruitt. I am horrified!


Agree with you @anon95374541 - at this stage, Pruitt is really down in everyone’s eyes…I don’t think he can survive this.

Pruitt has taken no personal responsibility for any of his actions (natch) and although Pruitt has many people he needs to keep happy in his present job, and digging in his heels, I really think he’s gonna have to leave.

Yes, the thought of Pruitt being the best possible candidate to follow Sessions, in T’s mind, just represents how loyal, pliant and subversive Pruitt can be for T. How many more supplicants can T locate at this juncture.

Yes, long shot. :slight_smile:

Give him the boot, pronto.


Simple question: In or Out. Nothing short of Out will do for me. Administrations come and go, but permanent physical, chemical, and ecological damage is a looming danger. When a mountainside is stripped bare to extract what’s underneath, or when a layer of cadmium/lead/arsenic laced sludge settles to a river or lake bed, or when species go extinct, or people become ill, well, those are permanent things.


A study just released by the AP estimates that Pruitt has spent an unprecedented $3 million for his personal security.


Link to a recent post in another thread:

Pruitt flat out lied when he claimed he had nothing to do with outrageous pay raises given to two of his close staffers – this has been confirmed by three Trump administration officials.


Isn’t it sad that we find ourselves in the position when we’re really not sure whether this flagrantly corrupt cabinet member will be asked to leave or allowed to stay? Any other modern President, and I repeat any, would absolutely, positively have fired him by now. How can there be any question? Yet here we are.


@Keaton_James. Agree with you 100%.

Turning a blind eye to this kind of corrupt behavior because Pruitt keeps the agenda going that the Koch’s, Icahn’s and other Super PACs require. And to think that he could stay in for so long is overwhelming.

Kelly says he does not want to much more Pruitt news…well, as you said we know enough of Pruitt’s ways to get rid of him. Unheard of…yet we are in a holding pattern with T and his cronies.



And the Harts had to change the locks to get him to move out, ROFL! :crazy_face:
You just can’t find scum-bags like this around any old corner…but trumpy seems to know them all?


More evidence of Pruitt’s underhanded ways…T holding steady with him, but we’re waiting for the next shoe to drop. Keep it coming…get him out.

"Scott Pruitt, President Trump’s embattled EPA administrator, finds himself under attack this week after news broke that he had rented a Washington townhouse at below-market rates from the wife of a lobbyist who represents major fossil fuel companies. That was not the first time Pruitt has exercised questionable judgment around a property transaction, according to documents obtained by the Center for Media and Democracy, a nonprofit watchdog group.

In 2011, Pruitt and his wife, Margaret, bought a property in Tulsa, Oklahoma, just days before a court ruled that it had been fraudulently transferred by a Las Vegas developer who was on the hook for a $3.6 million loan default. Pruitt, who was then Oklahoma attorney general, apparently flipped the property for a $70,000 profit four months later, selling it to a dummy corporation set up by a major campaign contributor, Kevin Hern."

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Tweet @ joshcampbell (cnn)
Houston, we have a problem. Buzzfeed’s @JasonLeopold submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to EPA for records of any death threats against Pruitt and was told there were zero records.


Yup- no justification for the fancy flights he’s been taking, much less for the large security detail he’s been hauling around with him…wasting SO much more of OUR money! :flushed:

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Pruitt’s team trying to justify his 24 hour security detail even with trips to Disneyland. Scouring social media we see that there are no personal threats but criticisms of his policies.

Methinks ‘BIgmanism’ is the problem here…he carries a big stick with huge security detail.


"The senators also said the social media activity — described in their letter as “open-source review of social media” — had uncovered “no evidence of a direct threat” to Mr. Pruitt.

Mr. Pruitt is being protected round the clock by a team of about 20 people — three times as many as on his predecessor‘s security detail — at an estimated cost of $3 million a year, according to E.P.A. officials as first reported by The Associated Press. Mr. Pruitt’s calendar, recently made public, shows that the security detail accompanies him even on days when he has no scheduled work events. Mr. Whitehouse said his office had documents showing that members of Mr. Pruitt’s security detail were present during a trip to California when the administrator visited Disneyland and the Rose Bowl.""

'Briefings on threats to Mr. Pruitt, which included posts on social media, were delivered by E.P.A. security personnel to top agency officials, including Mr. Pruitt’s chief of staff, Ryan Jackson, according to an employee who participated in a briefing. The employee said the briefing highlighted mostly criticisms of Mr. Pruitt’s policies as having a deleterious effect on the environment, rather than instances of threats to his personal safety.

The employee said that the agency’s social media reviews had been the subject of a recent meeting that included representatives from the agency’s inspector general’s office and its homeland security office, which had produced the internal memo that was critical of the threat assessments."

E.P.A. Assesses Threats on Twitter to Justify Pruitt’s Spending


This probably won’t have any effect on whether Pruitt is in or out, but it is a bit of poetic justice that made me smile.


Hart has put out a statement (included in this article) in which he appears to be baffled that anyone could possibly find anything amiss in his sweet condo rental agreement with Pruitt. But that “aw shucks” tone just doesn’t wash. You may remember Congressman Tom DeLay who was infamous for accepting gifts from lobbyists. The Intercept has reported that Hart, while a lobbyist, was also a personal attorney to DeLay and provided his legal services for free. So Hart can hardly act all innocent when it comes to providing “freebies” to politicians.

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Glad that Pruitt, Abrahoff and DeLay were caught with their hands in the cookie jar…all due to the easy-breezy relationship with big oil lobbyist - all “benefited from J. Steven Hart’s largesse.”

All the R supporters are green lighting Pruitt to stay…their boy is bringing it.

I’m no fan of Trey Gowdy, but he may prove instrumental in finally prying Scott Pruitt out of his $43,000 “cone of silence” phone booth.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) is demanding interviews with five top aides to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Scott Pruitt.

Gowdy made the request in a letter Friday, citing “new information” the committee says it has obtained regarding Pruitt’s official travel and his rental agreement last year with the wife of an energy lobbyist.

Gowdy is also seeking troves of documents from Pruitt . . .

Gowdy is on a righteous crusade here – good for him. Based on the remarkable rate at which new allegations against Pruitt have been surfacing, we can only imagine how much more dirt is going to be uncovered from five additional interviews of his staff and a trove of new documents.

And Monday would be a good time to check for possibly more revelations:

The EPA’s Office of Inspector General said Friday that it will release an interim report Monday on the method the EPA used to give Hupp and Greenwalt their raises, but it was not clear if those specific raises would be included in the findings.

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lol :smile:

Yes, let’s let that now turned around Trey Gowdy get at him, prosecutor-style and really get real with Pruitt’s malfeasance. Trey supposedly is no longer gunning for a Federal Judge position…but let’s hope he never utters “Benghazi” again.

But what in the world will make the R’s stand up to this ultimate on the make Pruitt? Certainly moral outrage is not enough, as they are all ‘winning’ with him in EPA.

Someone feed them some truth serum please.

See #BigShotIsm or #I’mTheMan for Pruitt…wants to promote himself via Pruitt coins, etc.

“When Scott Pruitt wanted to refashion the Environmental Protection Agency’s “challenge coin” — a type of souvenir medallion with military origins that has become a status symbol among civilians — he proposed an unusual design: Make it bigger, and delete the E.P.A. logo.”

"Mr. Pruitt instead wanted the coin to feature some combination of symbols more reflective of himself and the Trump administration. Among the possibilities: a buffalo, to evoke Mr. Pruitt’s home state, Oklahoma, and a Bible verse to reflect his faith. "

"Mr. Slotkin said that during the design discussion, in which he participated, Mr. Pruitt wanted to remove “anything to do with E.P.A.” The changes, he said, would have turned it into a “Pruitt coin.”

GAO says Phone booth violated spending laws.

Now what?

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