Pruitt - in or out?


Too little…too late


Scott Pruitt’s current job title and some of his past behavior is highlighted here. Making the coal industry rich seems to be his happy place.

For the next stage of his career, Pruitt has tapped the industry connections he cultivated during his year and-a-half as a Cabinet member, according to four individuals briefed on his plans, as he works to make his way in the private sector and establish his own consulting business.

Pruitt is promoting coal exports and doing other work for his longtime friend, coal baron Joseph W. Craft III, while offering himself as an energy consultant and paid speaker, said several friends and associates, who asked for anonymity to speak frankly.

In an interview, Pruitt’s lawyer Cleta Mitchell confirmed that he was pursuing those activities, noting that his predecessor, Gina McCarthy, also works as a paid speaker. But she said Pruitt will not violate a five-year ban on lobbying the EPA.

“He has discussed multiple opportunities with me and has been quite careful not to do anything that is even close to the line - and to ensure he is in full compliance with both the letter and the spirit of the law,” she said.

Mitchell said it makes sense for Pruitt — who had not held a job in the private sector since he was elected as Oklahoma’s attorney general eight years ago — to seek work in an area he knows plenty about. “He was named EPA administrator because of his vast expertise and knowledge in the field — the field of energy and the environment and the regulatory process,” she said.