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Red Flags in North Carolina

If you ever wonder how deeply the current administration’s policies can affect our lives, just take a look at what the “conservative” legislature here in NC has done over time and now they are proposing to take another major swipe at our public education system.


I really thought you mean red flags, ie Confederate flags…but yes, the conservatives have eviscerated public schools in favor of charters.

In the last seven-plus years of GOP rule, the relative trickle of conservative education schemes has turned into a flood. Lawmakers have slashed funding, dramatically expanded charters (including for-profit, virtual charters), introduced private school vouchers, “education savings accounts,” “performance-based pay,” and state-initiated conversions of struggling schools to charter schools, and talked openly and repeatedly of privatizing what has long been understood to be a core function of government.

I mean, I thought it was a wind advisory :joy:

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The “wind” coming from the legislative building in NC would, by some citizens, warrant a “wind advisory” but I venture to say that by now the citizens of the state who are not in favor of what the GOP controlled legislature has done are now mostly immune to advisories, they expect big blows.

The same sense of being “immune” may befall those against T also as that’s part of his game.

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