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Roseanne Barr and 4Chan

I’m looking for my #boycottroseanne signs


Ms. Barr’s Wikipedia page is a bit confusing over her political views leaving me to wonder if her Trump comments are to influence the shows ratings. I wouldn’t say an actress living in Hawaii is someone to identify with the blue collar segment of America, so wtf?

I’ll admit to chuckling over some of the old “Roseanne” shows but those days are long gone. I’ll never watch again, she would just turn my stomach knowing her real views & values. :nauseated_face:

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Well if that’s the case, she picked the wrong side & blew it “bigly”. But she does share some characteristics with donald- the loud, crude & outrageous things that comes out of her mouth, so I don’t doubt she’s a fan. If we actually had a normal presidency right now, that would be one thing…but for her to come out on the side of a lying traitor who is actually holding the reins of power will never “entertain” me. Perhaps the idea was to create another “All in the Family”, but these are frightful times, not normal partisan politics.

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I didn’t watch her the first time and won’t be watching this time. “Crude & outrageous” is part of her style to attract viewers, IMO.