Shaun White is bitchen!

(Colleen Hardy Hamilton ) #1

Score! Way to go! The elder is da beast!:two_hearts::joy::two_hearts::joy::two_hearts::joy::two_hearts::joy::two_hearts::two_hearts::joy::two_hearts:

(Matt Kiser) #2

:wave: that run was pretty epic.

(Lynn) #3

It was awesome to watch, and he was understandably choked up, but now he’s gone from being known as the “Flying Tomato” to the “Crying Tomato”, lol… Heck, I’d be scared just standing at the top of that half-pipe, never mind flying down it with a board strapped to my feet! :open_mouth: And they make it look almost easy and certainly like fun?

I sure hope the guy who took a bad spill is doing ok? I haven’t heard any mention since.

(Colleen Hardy Hamilton ) #4

I hope so too. So gnarly to land on frozen ice aka cement. Hope all is well plus with the Australian girl who hit her face last night. Hugs and prayers!

(Lynn) #5

Oh yes, her too! -in the luge, right? I cannot even imagine going that fast laying down on a sled & feet first!?

As I watch the half-pipe re-play, I wonder how many broken bones they have between them? And if any of them have never broken any?

(Dan) #6

I really want to root for him, but we was involved in a pretty nasty harrassment case that he ultimately settled. Innocent until proven guilty, due process, etc., Yea I get it. But if I can hold contempt for monsters like Trump that have multiple allegations brought against him, I feel like I have to for White also.
But yes, he’s a pretty dope snowboarder.

(Lynn) #7

The only time I watch sports is during the Olympics…I hadn’t heard about S. White’s bad behavior until you mentioned it & I just went to search what that was all about. Now I’m sorry that he didn’t fall on his stupid white ass… Thanks for the “reality check”, dang/Dan! Good heroes are hard to find, gotta remember to look past the hype.