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Shaun White is bitchen!

Score! Way to go! The elder is da beast!:two_hearts::joy::two_hearts::joy::two_hearts::joy::two_hearts::joy::two_hearts::two_hearts::joy::two_hearts:


:wave: that run was pretty epic.

It was awesome to watch, and he was understandably choked up, but now heโ€™s gone from being known as the โ€œFlying Tomatoโ€ to the โ€œCrying Tomatoโ€, lolโ€ฆ Heck, Iโ€™d be scared just standing at the top of that half-pipe, never mind flying down it with a board strapped to my feet! :open_mouth: And they make it look almost easy and certainly like fun?

I sure hope the guy who took a bad spill is doing ok? I havenโ€™t heard any mention since.

I hope so too. So gnarly to land on frozen ice aka cement. Hope all is well plus with the Australian girl who hit her face last night. Hugs and prayers!

I really want to root for him, but we was involved in a pretty nasty harrassment case that he ultimately settled. Innocent until proven guilty, due process, etc., Yea I get it. But if I can hold contempt for monsters like Trump that have multiple allegations brought against him, I feel like I have to for White also.
But yes, heโ€™s a pretty dope snowboarder.

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The only time I watch sports is during the Olympicsโ€ฆI hadnโ€™t heard about S. Whiteโ€™s bad behavior until you mentioned it & I just went to search what that was all about. Now Iโ€™m sorry that he didnโ€™t fall on his stupid white assโ€ฆ Thanks for the โ€œreality checkโ€, dang/Dan! Good heroes are hard to find, gotta remember to look past the hype.

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Oh yes, her too! -in the luge, right? I cannot even imagine going that fast laying down on a sled & feet first!?

As I watch the half-pipe re-play, I wonder how many broken bones they have between them? And if any of them have never broken any?