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So about that podcast

Hey, the WTFJHT podcast sounds great to me. One request: can you go through whatever rigamarole is required to get it listed with Spotify also? I hate that Spotify, Google, et al. only deliver the podcasts that they have listed and that you can’t add an RSS feed – I was a very early podcaster and that was NOT what was intended, dang it – but it is what it is, so, couldya couldya? :slight_smile: Cause true fact, I’d really like to catch it on my way home from work, but I’d also really like to not run yet another app…

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working on it… spotify doesn’t make it easy to get listed there. having similar issues with stitcher at the moment…


Glad you’re digging the podcast! As Matt said, we’re working on getting it up across all the major platforms and apps. Will post an update here once we’ve got it all sorted out.