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Stand in Solidarity with Charlottesville

Attend an event in your community to show that you’re standing with Charlottesville.


This weekend, I learned the power of a simple Facebook event invite and the passion of the resistance.

On Saturday night, I noticed there were no rallies/vigils in my area. So myself and someone I had barely met once before decided to just go for it and sent out an invite for Sunday night. I expected on the optimistic side, 50 people. We had +200 people and 5.5K views on the livestream (done thankfully by a independent filmmaker who showed up!). We had major news and local news outlets show up - even though we didn’t contact them (we had no contact info in order to!).

We made the front page of the print edition of our local paper, Long Beach Press-Telegram.

We also made ABC7 News!

Some of the articles we were included in…as well, as my interview!

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I’m happy for you. Good work.

I ended up not seeing the event until after it happened, but we had a local vigil that was attended by about 100 people or so.

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Great job! Way to get off the couch and do something! :blush::raised_hands:t3:(I am currently on the couch rn lol.)

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